Vice President Mike Pence (L) and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) applaud as US President Donald J. Trump (C) delivers his first address to a joint session of Congress from the floor of the House of Representatives in Washington, DC, USA, 28 February 2017. Traditionally the first address to a joint session of Congress by a newly-elected president is not referred to as a State of the Union.

NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump’s first major address to the Congress and the nation was seen by an estimated 47.4 million people.

The Nielsen company said Wednesday that Trump’s audience couldn’t quite match the first such speech by predecessor Barack Obama, who drew an audience of 52.4 million in 2009.

Fox News Channel had the biggest audience for Trump’s speech Tuesday night, with 10.8 million viewers. NBC’s 9.1 million ranked second, followed in order of popularity by CBS, ABC, CNN, Univision, Fox broadcasting and MSNBC. The moment that drew the most interactions on Twitter came after Trump talked about fallen Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens with his widow looking on.

Similar initial presidential speeches reached 39.8 million for George W. Bush in 2001 and 66.9 million for Bill Clinton in 1993.


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18 thoughts on “Trump’s Ratings Less Than Obamas In First Speech To Congress

  1. Trump tweets about Arnold not having ratings as high as his were on a reality tv show. Obama’s speech had better ratings than Trumps. Michelle is prettier than Melania. Obama is prettier than Trump. This one’s dress cost more than that one’s. That family takes more vacations that than one. This tit-for-tat petty ass bullshit is really getting tiresome, and the kicker is, NONE OF IT MATTERS! When will we start going to start hearing about ratings that really matter? Damn people. Do better!

  2. jhuff on said:

    Yes but a CNN poll showed 69% of those polled said his speech was positive and up lifting,
    one thing you do discover with not only news reports but even Democrat politicians is that apparently Obamas economy sucked despite fairy tails to the contrary

  3. Diane on said:

    The chump will hate that. It kills him that Obama bested him in any,and everything. He’s more loved than him. He’s more liked than him. He has been jealous of Obama since day one. He’s envious of him bc he lacks the intelligence that Obama has, we all knw Obama has more intellectual skills than dum, dum

      • Diane on said:

        Don’t forget, your party made sure he didn’t do squat, they obstructed everything, including infrastructure. Now they’re going to break the damn door down to get an infrastructure bill passed. Damn republithugs. Regardless of what u say, Obama accomplished a lot. He saved the auto industry, saved us from s depression, unemployment is 4.5%. Stock market was at 6600 when came into office, it was almost 20,0000 when he left. I would say, he did more than squat. But you’ll probably say the trumpster accomplished those things. Dillusional!!

    • chris on said:

      You’re right I forgot that average family premiums climbed $4800.
      I forgot median household income decreased 7.3% from $56k to $51K.
      I forgot the labor participation rate decreased from 65.7% to 62.7%.
      I forgot the 32% increase in Americans on food stamps.
      I forgot GDP grew less than 3% on average.
      I forgot he added $8 trillion in debt.
      I forgot Obama gave Palestinians $221 million on his last day, while Flint citizens are still drinking sewage.
      I forgot the U.S. Census Bureau said 47.7 million Americans – or 14.8 percent of the population
      I forgot he gave Iran $150 billion to build their nuclear weapons program.
      I forgot his campaign pledge in 2007 “As President, I wont stand for hundreds of thousands of veterans waiting for benefits. We’ll make sure that our disabled vets receive the benefits they deserve.”
      I forgot he hired 12,000 IRS agents to collect the Obamacare tax. He did not hire one more doctor to give you what you paid for.
      I forgot in 2009, the U.S. ranked 6th in economic freedom. Now we are 12th.
      I forgot he saved the auto unions and it cost us only $11.2 billion.
      I forgot he gave men the right to urinate next to little girls.
      Unemployment is at 4.5%, if you took out the part time jobs created, it would be double digits.
      It’s obvious that you don’t know anything about economics and the stock market. The treasury department kept rates at an artificial rate of zero. There was not any other place to put your money.

    • chris on said:

      If he is guilty of perjury, I hope he resigns today. BTW, his last name is Sessions.
      Nice deflection.
      Is that all you got? You can’t reply to my previous post? I guess you forgot an awful lot of the last eight years and the worse POTUS ever!

      • Diane on said:

        To @ Katey and u. I don’t give a damn how the racsit name is spelled. HE’S A RACSIT. I SPELLED HIS NAME LIKE THAT ON PURPOSE. BC I HAVE ZERO RESPECT FOR HIM. Y’all got that?

      • Really on said:

        President Obama is already named 12th best only behind 11 dead presidents. Expect him to rise even higher. Ha ha he he

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