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New legal documents obtained by TMZ Sports shows that NBA player Matt Barnes wants to completely overhaul his custody arrangement with ex Gloria Govan, but has run into a brick wall of drama.

According to the filing, Barnes claims his ex-wife is blocking him from spending quality time with their 8-year-old twin boys, but Govan says Barnes is not telling the truth.

Barnes says he’s offered to pay for all of the expenses to fly the kids out to him when he’s on the road, but Gloria keeps throwing wrenches in the plans and it makes the kids sad, according to TMZ.

Gloria says she tries to make plans with Matt but his tendency to wait until the last minute makes it impossible to plan anything.

The two are set to meet in court in April.


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4 thoughts on “Matt Barnes Wants Judge To Overhaul Custody Agreement With Ex

  1. First of all, they are 8 year old boys. 8 year old boys are in school. 8 year old boys don’t need to be gallivanting all around the US of A while Matt is working (playing basketball). During the off season, holidays, on weekends when he is off, sending the kids to him is perfectly okay, however, it is not okay to have them here, there and everywhere during school sessions. Drama, drama, drama!

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