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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court has ordered a new court hearing for a black Texas prison inmate who claims improper testimony about his race tainted his death sentence.

The justices voted 6-2 Wednesday in favor of inmate Duane Buck. Buck had tried for years to get federal courts to look at his claim that his rights were violated when jurors were told by a defense expert witness that Buck was more likely to be dangerous in the future because he is black.

Chief Justice John Roberts said in his majority opinion that the federal appeals court that heard Buck’s case was wrong to deny him a hearing.

Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas dissented.

Buck was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend and another man in 1995.

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2 thoughts on “Supreme Court Orders New Hearing For Black Texas Inmate

  1. Alito and Uncle Thomas are the two biggest assholes on the Supreme Court-Scalia was the third.
    They never see the TRUTH!!!!!!!!

    I wish this man good luck in obtaining a new trial and pray that first he has a jury of his peers–i.e. a mixed jury and not ALL WHITE!

    Second, that the VERDICT this time be NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!!

    The State of Texas is an UGLY state. They don’t believe in JUSTICE where people of color are concerned!!!!!!!!!

  2. Texas will lock up a black man in a heartbeat. And nine times out of ten will receive a 20 year sentence no matter what the charges.

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