2/22/17- Rev. Al Sharpton talks about Donald Trump’s visit to the African American museum and what it means for a President with his ego.

“It could be a time, if he is willing and wise, for him to say, looking at the history of African Americans and what we’ve been through, that one day he’ll be in that museum as the one who turned back the clock that President Obama did,” Sharpton said.

Listen below.

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3 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton Defends Trump’s Visit To African-American Museum?

  1. Whatever we don’t care about him visiting the Museum and when he did he didn’t talk about what he seen or learn first thing he start talking about is Jews whatever we still don’t care about orange face and his lies . Down with trump and all his KKK friends.

  2. Yo Reverend Al–Dig your head out of your posterior–Chump’s visit was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

    The FOOL in the WH knows nada about OUR HISTORY and I doubt if he even cares!!!!!!!!!
    Screw Chump with a broomstick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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