2/22/17- Roland Martin talks to Donna Brazile about the selection of the new committee members in the Democratic party.

“It was a crucial moment in the party. The DNC was a victim of a cyber crime. We now know it was the Russians. What disturbed many of us is that what we found in the DNC was that we had to unify the party. This race is very competitive. It’s important that the Democratic party get back. We’ve got to go out and help people where they’re hurting.”

Click the link below to hear the entire interview.

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5 thoughts on “Donna Brazile Weighs In On Democratic National Convention Selection Process

  1. Democrats needs to fight back. Democrats and Republicans are in the ring and Democrats are getting beat constantly getting a beat down; this time they got knocked out.

    • That’s bc Dems don not vote in every election, rep do. Hell, we have to force the blk community to vote in the prez election. If Dems voted every election, maybe they would at least have the house. If they win the house, they can impeach the fruad in Cheif

      • I do not understand why BF will not vote. My parents never missed an election and had all their children with them. People gave their life for us to have opportunities, and they will not take advantage of that 1. SMH

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