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After some much-needed time off, Barack Obama returned to his adopted hometown of Chicago for the first time as ex-president on Wednesday, mapping plans for his Obama Presidential Center.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Obama had four meetings on the South Side: One with community leaders at his Foundation’s Hyde Park offices, and three others relating to what will be a massive fundraising drive to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the Obama Center, a museum, library and event complex.

Michelle Obama did not join her husband in Chicago.

Former Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said, “There was great enthusiasm from the civic leaders about the opportunity to work with the Foundation.

The South Side is the President and Mrs. Obama’s home so he intends to not only build the Center there, but also bring opportunities to the area. The President was very eager to hear suggestions from the community members and encouraged them to continue the dialogue with his team after he left,” said Jarrett.

Obama was last in his adopted hometown on Jan. 10 to deliver his farewell address before hundreds of thousands at McCormick Place.

SOURCE: The Chicago Sun Times

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17 thoughts on “Obama Returns To Chicago To Lay Groundwork For Presidential Center

  1. Peggy on said:

    I can’t wait until it is built! It will be wonderful to visit the library and museum. He was the Best President! And the First Lady is a Classy lady , And what Beautiful daughters .

  2. I didn’t even recognize President Obama in the photos of him on vacation.

    The bro looked real cool/calm/collected in his shades as he was hang gliding and just getting some much needed rest after running this country for eight years and all the HATE and UGLINESS towards him.

    I am looking forward to Barack and Michelle both writing their memoirs and informing us all what it was like to be the first FAMILY OF COLOR in the WH.

    While back in Chi-town-maybe he needs to go help his buddy Mayor Emanuel-who does not have a clue how to solve the murders in his hometown!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Mr. & Mrs. Obama will go down in American history as one of the greatest if not THE greatest presidential family ever. No one will be able to stop that. What will Trump and his family go down as? In the first 27 days of his reign of terror he has succeeded in making a mockery of our entire democracy, constitution, and government processes. He fights with the media at every opportunity and like a child I might add. He is already an epic failure with just 27 days in. I hope a change (for the better) comes soon.

    • What did Obama do besides lie to America about Benghazi (“it was a videotape”),”ISIS is contained,” insurance rates will go down by $2500 a year,” (actually went up by $4000) “you can keep your doctor,” “you didn’t build that,” eavesdropped on everyone’s phone calls, median household income dropped by 7.3%, foodstamps up by 32%, less than 3% GDP growth for 8 years. But the good news is: men can pee alongside little girls, Iran can build their nukes, he gave the Palistinians $221 million on his last day in office, got Bowe Berghdal back for just five high ranking terrorist.

  4. President Obama was the President of the UNITED STATES. Not of Black America. Some people don’t seem to understand the difference. He did the job he was elected to do very well for ALL people. If the crime rates are a concern, what are you doing about it besides complaining? One person can’t do everything – not even the President.

  5. “One of Chicago’s most famous native sons returns to raise support for his legacy.” He didn’t grow up in Chicago. He spent 20 years in Wright’s church of hate, he kicked off his political in the house of a non-repentant terrorist. Fundraising for his temple? He wants hundreds of millions of dollars? What about 2739 homicides in Chicago in the last 5 years? Silence.
    Obama did nothing for black people for 8 years

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