After earlier making a comment about Beyoncè not winning a Grammy because she’s not a “singer, singer,” guitar master Carlos Santana finds himself walking back the statement.“I would like to clarify a comment that was reported when I was doing an interview for some upcoming shows in Australia & New Zealand.

My intent was to congratulate Adele on her amazing night at the Grammies (sic).My comment about Beyoncè was regretfully taken out of context.I have the utmost respect for her as an artist and a person. She deserves all the accolades that come her way. I wish Beyoncé and her family all the best.”Specifically, Santana was making his comments about why Adele beat Beyoncé for Album of the Year.

Well, needless to say, his remarks didn’t go over well on social media.In an interview with AAP, the former Album of the Year winner praised Adele but was less than kind when it came to his thoughts concerning Beyoncé. But based on the words that came out of his mouth, we don’t know how he can claim they were taken out of context.

“I think that Adele won because she can sing, sing,” Santana originally said. “With all respect to our sister Beyoncé, Beyoncé is very beautiful to look at and it’s more like modeling kind of music – music to model a dress – she’s not a singer, singer, with all respect to her.”

He kept digging his hole even deeper when he said:

“Adele can sing, sing. She doesn’t bring all the dancers and props, she can just stand there and she just stood there and sang the song and that’s it, and this is why she wins.”

After getting stung by the Beyhive, that’s when Santana decided all of a sudden that it might be time to “clarify” his comments. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that he can.

Admit it dude, you blew it. You played yo’ self on this one.


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56 thoughts on “Carlos Santana Enrages BeyHive Over Beyoncè Comments

  1. Abdul Wahid on said:

    People want to get bend out of shape but he is right. With all due respect to Beyoncé, she’s doing her thing but not really a great singer. She’s an entertainer. Keep it real people. It’s about the range of voice

  2. Beyonce is a beautiful talented entertainer many people like her music . For those you don’t turn the channel. She is wife mother hard worker. Most people important I never hear her bad mouthing her fellow entertainers she doesn’t have to . Sad people want to tear people down

  3. I am not crazy about Beyoncé either .I don’t get it. She is beautiful and all that but her voice does nothing for me. I don’t think Janet Jackson or Brittany Spears can sing. GIve me Patty Labelle, Gladys Knight or Luther Vandross. Those are singers.

    • Mr Soul on said:

      Hey frank studio work listen too what you saying that’s control by hi tech machine. Do it live hey ask them to do it with the band hi hi 90% of the so call singer today would be done back the old job at Walmart . Music world today is sad just read the comment on youtube if you looking at some one like Al Green live or Patty.

  4. Queen bee on said:

    First off this taco non speaking English jerk need to worry about hisself and keep it moving. BEYONCE COULD CARE LESS WHAT THESE HATERS THINK OF HER. SO MUCH JEALOUSY AND HATE IT’S SAD IT REALLY IS

  5. Tina said it years ago. Today’s singers ALL sounder the same, look the same. They will NEVER have the longevity that Tina, Aretha, Gladys, or Cher have.
    I agree that Beyonce needs to put on some clothed and sit her azz down!

  6. It’s amazing that you can always find a ton, or in this case a teo taco, who is willing to demean another minority, especially in front of an overwhelming may enite audience. Apparently Santana will do anything to endear himself to white folks. What a sellout.

    • No, it is haters. I like both ladies but they way some are coming at Beyoncé does seem to be out of jealousy. I will say this, if I had to spend over $50 or more and have to sit for a show for 2 hour or more and had to pick one of these ladies shows, I would prefer Beyonce because I am going to be entertained ALL through out the show. Standing there and just singing get BORING after two songs.

      • Depends on who’s singing. I couldn’t sit and listen to Beyawnce warble through two songs, I wouldn’t care how naked she was. Now, on the other hand I will never forget the image Ms. Whitney Houston, wearing a white gown, standing stock still, all alone, on a stage with just one spotlight trained on her, singing I Will Always Love You. I could have watched and listened to her all night. Whether or not a person would grow bored with a singer depends on what they’re listening or looking for. If you want real, raw talent, with all the nuances and complexities of a gifted singer, such as Pavarotti, Leontyne Price, Mahalia Jackson Stevie Wonder or the great Minnie Ripperton, then Bouncy will bore the bejeezus out of you. However, if you want ass cheeks hanging out, air humping, wind blown weave and open thighs then, Bouncy would be just your cup of tea. I wouldn’t pay a dime to watch the Queen Of The Bodysuit Brigade hump her way through 2 hours of warbling, but I’d pay to see BB King sit on a stool and belt out the blues any day. To each his own.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Kates, you got the nail on the head…give me jazz, old school r+b, and my man, BB King! How about I was listening to the Thrill is gone when I saw your post…Real music, baby!

  7. <<<>>>> This is why you keep your mouth shut about another artist. Same as Santana has fans, Beyonce has fans and her fans are not going to let anyone degrade her no more than people who like Santana will let anyone trash him. Yes, He is entitled to his views but people who come at him are also entitled to comment and what does that solve in the end? NOTHING but heated arguements. And at the end of the day both Beyoncé and Adele are going to the bank and we all are still broke in our homes.

  8. hoodtechie on said:

    Don’t worry Carlos you are absolutely correct,beyonce can’t sing.if not for electronics altering her voice she would get booed off stage. She is basically your dumb singer who has very little talent, being propped up by her husband and Hollywood. She has to strut across stage half naked even while pregnant to get some attention. I see her going out like lil Kim, a laughable joke.

  9. Millions of people beg to differ. For those that don’t like her don’t listen. It is really pointless to complain about an artist . All artist are subject to people’s opinions. Trust she is laughing all the way to several banks. You go beyonce

    • You just summed it all up. School is out. Sound like a bunch of jealous folks to me. As always, “when you make it to the top, people will try to knock you down”. Beyoncé, you are clearly a star now.

  10. African American Woman on said:

    Santana’s been in this business long enough to have earned the right to say whatever he feels…it’s his opinion and his right to feel the way he does… I prefer his music over any of these folks today anyway.

  11. Santanna was right. Beyonce can sing(because the average person can’t do what she does live), but she she’s not a great singer. But i think if Adele was black and sounded EXACTLY like she sings she would not get as much attention, accolades, or fame.

  12. People need to stop degrading people. God gave ALL US a talent and I think it is stupid to say who is what verses someone else. If you like Beyoncé and think she can sing, that is ok; and if you think Adele is good a singer, so be it; however, nothing takes nothing from the other person. And truth is subjective. Just because you do not think Beyonce can sing does NOT make it so and just because someone thinks Adele can not sing also does not make it so. It all just mean we all have different likes and dislikes in singing style.

  13. Oh stop it with the “he spoke the truth”. There is NO such thing when it comes to this issue. This is all just a matter of OPINION. So some people Beyonce is good singer and to others she is not because some people view people like Whitney and Aretha etc as singers but a singer is anyone who to hold a note to some people as well. So again, when it all boils down, it is just a matter of opinion, NOT A FACT. It is only TRUTH in one own bias thinking on how they feel about that artist. I had a cousin who thought Whitney could not sing.

  14. Chris Mason on said:

    Neither one of them are “singer, singers”. You people don’t know what real singers are! Lol! Adele “sings” through her nose, very nasally sounding!

    • Chris Mason on said:

      I mean, really, are there any singer, singers today? Mankind has reached it’s creative peak! This is what happens when you cut artistic programs from schools.

  15. angietangie on said:

    I agree with you Santana! Damn I am so tired of beyonce (step off beehive). Adele is the best winner and singer by far. She won and she deserve to win. Beyoncé need to go sit down and raise her kids and let her husband work. she is not the only person that is an entertainer. no matter what her mom, sister or hubby say. Hell I think Rihanna and Adele should have cleaned up. Go sit beyonce and her beehive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You sound like you are speaking from personal feelings towards Beyonce than from substance on the issue of talent. Beyoncé and her beyhive is not going no where so deal with it. Tell Adele to go raise her kid and stay home with her husband and lose weight.

      • angietangie on said:

        Yo what! you sound as if you know Beyonce personally, which I highly doubt. I couldn’t give two fucks about neither one of them. I’m saying Adele deserved to win and she did. I was tired of seeing Beyonce’s half naked ass on stage not singing but putting on a show. Nothing personal I’m just not into Beyonce. My opinion and I’m sticking with it. as far as talent. Adele have talent in what she does, Beyonce have talent in what she does. Point blank! May the best woman win and she did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Epitome on said:

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH SANTANA!! U told the truth!! I say it all the time!! Don’t back down to her beehive. If people pay attention to her give…KIDS!! Tweets and those who worship her…not mature adults!!! She can’t sing!! She can’t!!! She’s a performer a dancer!! Real singers don’t need props and dancers on stage with them!!! Just get up there and sing!!! She need to look at some real singers…WHITNEY!!! GLADYS!! PATTI! ALECIA!!! ADELE!!! ANITA!! I vomit at all the worshipping of this girl. How sad!!! Excuse any typos!!!

  17. Bey is a total package, versatile and marketed that way. Adele can sing, but to be honest, I know several people who can sing better than both of them in my church and hit notes on all scales on multiple levels partcularly Sopranos. Much success in this genre is about hardwork, timing, marketing and connections.

  18. Santana, don’t backtrack……truth is truth. Beyonce IS not a “singer, singer”. When she stands flat-foot to a mike a sings and not tramping around shaking her @#s, half naked, my opinion may find a sliver to change my mind about her. What he said is true – – it’s just about performance displaying outfits and she is promoted really, really good. Throughout the ages, people will still be singing “RESPECT”. I’d bet money they surely will not be singing “Put a ring on it”. No more need be said.

    • No, what he said was an OPINION, NOT TRUTH. In this case, TRUTH is SUBJECTIVE. To someone else, Beyoncé can sing so who are YOU to say otherwise. Again, it is an OPINION.

    • You’re right. “She’s entertaining, but not a singer like any of those ladies. Adele won because she SINGS at her show – and if she gets it wrong, she fixes it, instead of lip syncing. Just saying.

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