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When Tamron Hall left NBC/MSNBC because of the arrival of Megyn Kelly from Fox News, a lot of folks and fans were obviously upset and were concerned about her landing another high-profile gig.

Well, it looks like you don’t have to worry. Tamron’s gonna do OK. In fact, she’s being encouraged to take on co-hosting duties on ABC’s Live with Kelly, according to a Page Six report.

Hall was recently was sighted having lunch in New York with Henry Schleiff, president of Investigation Discovery, which airs the Deadline Crime series which she hosts. A source told Page Six that Scheliff wants Hall to consider joining up with Kelly Ripa.

“He was encouraging her to join Kelly,” the source told Page Six. “He said, ‘Throw your hat in the ring! Lighten things up.’ ”

Bill Haber, cofounder of the Los Angeles-based Creative Artists Agency, also stopped to greet Hall, 46, Page Six reports. Meanwhile Tamron has not yet announced her next move following her departure from NBC this month.

As we reported, Hall abruptly left NBC News (“Today” and MSNBC) after news broke that Megyn Kelly would take over the hour of NBC’s Today hosted by Hall and Al Roker. Us Weekly reports that Hall was told “minutes before going on air Friday that she and Al [Roker] were being taken off the show for Megyn Kelly.” reports that Hall felt slighted by being replaced by Kelly in the 9 a.m. hour. Although Hall was offered a multimillion dollar deal, she elected to depart as her contract was up. Although the team of Hall and Roker was congratulated for beating out other morning shows in the hour before Kelly was signed, once that deal was done, Hall, who also anchored on MSNBC, was told she’d have to move. reports:

“The idea that she could have been at all surprised rings totally false. In the brief period of time in which she has been part of the 9 a.m. hour ensemble, the ratings have only shrunk.”

The source continues, “Tamron was told many months ago, a long-term commitment could not be made to her regarding the 9 a.m. hour, but she was offered many millions of dollars to remain at Today and the network.” When it comes to her colleagues, the source contends that “The staff is hurt and bewildered, and thinks once again Tamron has put herself above the team.”

Multiple sources tell PEOPLE that Hall was equal parts furious, hurt and offended that she was essentially losing her highest profile role to Kelly, with nothing being offered in its place. Hall saw the move as a “demotion” and she wasn’t alone. also talked to former Being Mary Jane showrunner Mara Brock Akil, who seems to feel that Hall will do just fine.

In the end, “She basically said thank you, but no thank you,” adds the anchor’s good friend, TV writer-producer Mara Brock Akil, who used Hall as the muse for Gabrielle Union’s career-driven character on the hit BET show Being Mary Jane. “Tamron’s a woman of integrity,” she continues, “and she’s writing her own story.”

As far a “Live with Kelly” is concerned, Hall could end a months-long cohost search for Ripa, also 46, should she join the show. Ripa, who was recently inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame, has been without a permanent cohost since former NFL star Michael Strahan left the show for a gig at Good Morning America last year.


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11 thoughts on “Why Tamron Hall Really Left NBC And Is She Joining Kelly Ripa?

  1. Don’t do it Tamron you deserve so much better than being on a show with Kelly Ripka she is very self centered and you would not be happy on that show at all putting up with her on daily basis talking about herself and everything to do with her please rethink that decision just ask previous co-hosts from the past

  2. Tamron Hall appears to be a woman of high integrity and can stand alone and hold her ground. To me Kelly Ripa is one of those spoiled, woe is me women who might be intimidated by someone of Tamron’s intelligence. Tamron isn’t the type to go along with Kelly’s ability to take over a conversation and make it all about her. I hope & think Tamron will make whatever decision is in the best interest of her future and not be swayed by all that is going on.

  3. Ms. Kim on said:

    I don’t see why not host with Kelly? all things above are somewhat true, but I think Tamron can hold her own on anything love to see her come out on top on what ever she decides! much love K.

  4. Cynthia Feaster on said:

    Tamron Hall could be a co-host to Kelly Ripa BUT can Kelly Ripa be a co-host with Tamron Hall? White women are very jealous of and insecure around strong, intelligent and beautiful African-American women of which Tamron Hall is ALL three. I doubt if Tamron is going to put up with any racist or petty BS from Kelly. The ABC network can’t control Kelly- they treat her like a celebrity “princess” and she doesn’t deserve this consideration. She is silly, a bubble head, phony, plastic, rigid, pretentious, unintelligent and not funny to watch at all. I never liked her or her show even when M Strayhorn was co-hosting with her. Tamron you should look carefully before you leap. You are smart, professional, and beautiful. You can host YOUR OWN show and really don’t need Kelly Ripa and her insecurity issues. Don’t forget how she pitched a bitch when M. Strayhorn left to pursue other career opportunities at ABC. Someone that unstable cannot be trusted to remain professional. Keep your eyes open Tamron- please. Maybe go on that show as a quest co-host for a week or two weeks, maybe a month. Pause,Think, reflect on whether that work environment is BEST for YOU.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    Uhhhh I don’t know about Kelly and Tamron being good together. I like them both and Tamron a lot more, but I don’t see this being a great duo. Good luck Tamron in whatever you decide.

  6. Cynthia on said:

    I am confused by the supposed comment by Tamron’s colleagues; “The staff is hurt and bewildered, and thinks once again Tamron has put herself above the team.” Don’t they ALL put themselves “above the team?” This job isn’t a “TEAM” job…it’s all about themselves…it’s an individual job and in journalism it always has been. She did what she thought was best for her, as they all do…The Today show has a long history of getting rid of people…Good for Tamron for making a decision that was right for her and not for everybody else. We will soon find out if she made the right choice, based on her next gig!

  7. redbone1954 on said:

    I don’t watch Kelly but Tamron is a beautiful intelligent Black female and she will land on her feet I am so sure. I watch her in ID and I love her reporting she’s smart and I wish the best for her and hope to see her again somewhere I know I will

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