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NEW YORK (AP) — A “Saturday Night Live” writer has been suspended indefinitely after tweeting a poorly received joke about Donald Trump‘s 10-year-old youngest son, Barron.

A person familiar with the situation but not authorized to speak publicly told The Associated Press that Katie Rich was suspended immediately after writing an offensive tweet about the child. An outcry on social media followed, with many calling for a boycott of the TV show.

Rich later deleted the tweet, deactivated her account but then reactivated it Monday, saying she wanted to “sincerely apologize” for the “insensitive” tweet and “deeply regret” her actions.

NBC had no comment.

Barron found support from Chelsea Clinton, with the former first daughter saying he “deserves the chance every child does — to be a kid.”

This isn’t the first time “SNL” has gotten in trouble for joking about the president’s children. In 1993, then-cast member Mike Myers had to write an apology letter to the Clintons after a skit that mocked Chelsea Clinton.

“She’s a kid, a kid who didn’t choose to be in public life,” ”SNL” executive producer Lorne Michaels said at the time. He also acknowledged that said his show treated then 9-year-old Amy Carter “a little rougher” during the 1970s when Jimmy Carter was in the Oval Office.

The current controversy over Barron Trump comes as President Trump has lashed out at the way “Saturday Night Live” has lampooned him, with the president saying Alec Baldwin’s semi-regular portrayal of him “stinks” and calling one of the skits a “hit job.”

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60 thoughts on “‘SNL’ Writer Fired For Tweet About Barron Trump

  1. FallMornings on said:

    Why not leave the children alone. Most of you on this blog are hateful adults when it comes to children. They are innocent and should be off limits, Diane.

  2. ANNIE B on said:

    Yes the Obamas’ girls should be left alone, and they did not. However this young man has special needs, so therefore one should not take it up on themselves to go after a child with special needs. Say what you want about the Father and the Mother, but leave this child out of the media. I also agree they should do the same for the Obamas’ children. There is a time and place for everything and i don’t think that was the place!! One can truly see there is a double standard going on here when it comes to blacks vs white.

  3. Wanda Greene on said:

    My Opinion Trump Talk About Anyone Disable Or Not . SNL Is Supposed To Be Funny So Firing Someone For Doing The Same Thing Trump Does Is Saying It’s Okay When It’s Wrong So Firing Someone From SNL Is Unreal.Check Him I Was Raised Two Wrongs Doesn’t Make It Right.

  4. Dr. Larry on said:

    Diane, the hate and bitterness you display on a daily basis will cut years off your life. You need to stop for your own good. Just sayin’

  5. FallMornings on said:

    You’re right. The racist acts of the Southern Democrat never is spoken of. Their history is full of injustices toward AA’s.

    • WRONG. We know the southern Dems of the PAST were nasty to blacks BUT the Dems of the PAST are NOT the Dems of Today just like the Republicans of the TODAY is NOT like the Republicans of the past.

  6. Monica Dempsey on said:

    It’s one thing to make fun of adult if you don’t like me.But leave the kids out of that foolish and she along with any one else who make fun of him should be fired.We have to protect the kids.

  7. While i would not belittle or mock a child, i would have no problem if, in front of a camera just like his father was, the disabled person mocked by the president told barron… face to face… that his father was really an asshat for mocking him. That would be justice because barron would remember that moment for his whole life… as does the disabled man remember when he was mocked by the now president.

  8. I believe all minor children of any President and First Lady in the White House is off limits to public /media comments, this includes print media, radio/television media and all social media.

  9. Republicans are Racists People and AA that chooses to be a Republican have to hate what they see in the mirror. The country runs smooth in Democrats and then Racist Republicans get and everything falls to pieces, because Republicans hatefulness towards AA’s and want to keep them as servants and entertainment for them. They do not care, they will sacrifice a few to defeat AA.

    • Roger Brown on said:

      Republicans are racist!!! What a dumb and ignorant statement. You need to go back and look at the history of the KKK who were mostly Democrats. That’s something that never get talked about.

    • Hum the Wikileaks release of those racist DNC e-mails that got Debbie Schultz fired, that was really us Republicans that wrote those??

      • No, but your Mamie is probably kissing u in the butthole. Why do u come on this web page? Ppl aren’t feeling your prez. That’s not going to change. U got that piss head. Lol

  10. Chastity on said:

    Donald (I, too, will not address his ass as president) has mocked and made fun of a lot of people, including disabled people. He has no boundaries so why should there be boundaries when it comes to his family? I agree that people should not bring minor children into it but he made fun of a disabled person so he opened the door. His stupid ass should not dish it if he cannot take it.

    • So, if he sinks down into the lowest depths of depravity (bullying, criticizing and picking on innocent children is depraved,) it means we should all jump on the bandwagon? I pass.

  11. FallMornings on said:

    Ladies and gentlemen!!! Can we agree to disagree without all the name calling. Let’s act respectable even if we don’t agree!!

  12. I believe he is Artistic. I am sure if he is, they are getting him the best care available. His other 2 sons are a little strange also. They talk so fast, you can barley understand what they are saying. I suppose if you are raised by a father like Trump, there is bound to be something off.

    • Vincent Van Gogh was artistic. Young Baron may be autistic. Most autistics are extremely intelligent. One of the most brilliant musicians who ever lived, Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart was autistic. But even if young Mr. Trump is autistic, I’d be willing to bet my forty acres and a mule he knows the difference between “artistic” and “autistic”.

      • Here you are again. What are you, the head of the grammar dept of this webpage?? Why don’t you go comment on fox noise web page? I bet they could use you. You always feel the need to correct someone on their comments and spelling. GTFOOH

      • No, I’m not the head of the grammar department. It’s just fun messing with someone who seems to get such pleasure out of criticizing others. But, alas, you’re beginning to bore me, so smooches!

      • Yeah, I know. Just remember your enthusiasm for wanting to cause misery to an innocent child, who has done nothing to deserve it, when someone comes for yours, because you did something they didn’t agree with. I swear, with the things being done to our children today by evil, soulless adults, it’s as if someone has declared war on them. Just hope you die young so that the very ones you abuse today won’t be charged with taking care of you tomorrow. You reap what you sow.

      • Diane, we don’t expect you to respect any children. Your party murders children in the womb every day. BTW, 1900 black babies are murdered everyday.

    • its obvious that jokes are said about adults and children all the time. what is different about chumps child and President Obama daughters. It is not the child’s fault his daddy was old when he was conceived. Barron honey get used to it don’t have thin skin like your sperm donor who does not know how to treat your mom. and he will be forever mad because some one said something- please. as well, all of us here have said something about somebody’s child

  13. Jhuf:

    First of all, you need to go on your own website, Troll!

    Second, stop trying to justify “The Truth” when it is handed to you! Where were your complaints when racist America disrespected President Obama and his family for eight years?! Oh keep forgetting, it’s a “double standard” when it comes to White America doing wrong…

  14. Diane: Speak for yourself and not everyone who reads this site. I have nothing negative to say about the minor children or grandchildren of Trump. The way you write shows that you are disrespectful anyway.

    • The trumpster will NEVER, EVER get my respect. Nor will the plagerist wife, or any other fam member. NEVER!!!!!! He’s not my prez!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!

  15. Wow, talking about a double standard!

    Where was this outcry when Barron’s ignorant, arrogant Father Donald Trump, (I do not respect him to call him President) when he “mocked” the disabled News Reporter? It obviously is two sets of rules in this country when it comes to the haves and the have nots! Shame on America!

    • first of all he mocked the reporter caught in a lie, second you equate a grown ass adult with an under age child? The Truth is that’s pretty dam sad

      • Bitch get off this web page. U and your elk disrespected the past lst family daily. I don’t give a damn about Donald chump or his fam. Any of them, f them and u too fool. All his sons look simple to me. Yeah I said it

      • well using that analogy people of your elk disrespected George Bush so I guess we’re all justified

    • It is not a double standard. Barron Trump is a child, a private citizen. He did not choose his father and should not be ridiculed for what his father says or does.

    • exactly — and who amongst us have not uttered an unkind word about some one be it a child or an adult ( who is/was )some one child! because his father likes being in charge- man I see another Nixon coming upon us within the next 250 days!

  16. Chump and his family better grow a pair.
    They will be fodder for the media whether they like it or not!!!!!!!!!

    There goes Freedom of Speech!!!!!!!!!!

    • So when a comedian claims he saw Malia and Sasha poll dancing in a strip club that’s OK with you? after all “freedom of speech”

      • If your looking for respect from ppl on this web page, u might as well kick rocks. There’s nothing here for the ignorant nut case in Cheif. He will nerver gain our respect. EVER!!! Remember that. He disrespected Obama for 8 yrs. He said his reelection was a travesty and ppl should have protested. F trump and the horse he rode in on

      • A Good Catholic Girl on said:

        Yes, we there is freedom of speech, but there is also defamation of character and of course, Fake News!

      • KKK might have started under Dems but it is now Republican party. In truth blacks have felt racism from BOTH Dems and Republican whites in the past however Dems are not as bad as Republicans are today towards black..

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