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PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A teachers’ organization in Philadelphia is encouraging teachers to wear Black Lives Matter T-shirts and provide lessons on the movement every day for one week.

Amy Roat of the Caucus of Working Educators tells radio station KYW that the group is urging participating teachers to let principals know of their plans for the week of Jan. 23 and isn’t encouraging anyone to be insubordinate.

It’s not known how many teachers will take part.

A school district spokesman would say only that the district provides regular avenues for students to learn and express themselves. The main teachers union hasn’t taken a formal position.

The Black Lives Matter movement largely emerged after high-profile killings of unarmed black men and boys by police. It now has a broader racial justice agenda.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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8 thoughts on “Teachers In Philadelphia Plan A Black Lives Matter Week

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Reynolds, I’m not looking for accolades, nor does the Scholar take delight in calling out the weak minded among us. But it must be done in order to have constructive dialog and press forward on the core issues that degrade out communities and quality of life. The frail of mind and spirit will look outward for root causes, police, white privilege, slavery, etc… They, by choice, or blind faith, will ignore the decaying black infrastructure, that we alone are responsible for. Black teenagers with the highest pregnancy rate in the world, highest HS drop out rate, unemployment, drug addiction, crime, single parent households, dependency on social welfare programs, don’t value education. I could go on, but it starts to depress me. We have failed as a race in a country where immigrants come with less than us, and surpass blacks in mere years. President Trump has laid out plans to make inroads on all of these issues in time, but the haters turn their back. Content to wallow in poverty and crime, rather than give credit and support to a rich white man.
      I’m reminded of the movie, “The Blind Side:, where a wealthy, philanthropic, white family reached out and took in Michael Orr (Baltimore Ravens). Taught him the value of education, self respect, hard work, and what a real family structure can accomplish. It is a true story and a wonderful movie, yet it never was featured in black theaters. Why? Because we didn’t want to see or acknowledge white people succeeding where we couldn’t. We would have preferred Mr. Orr fail among us, rather than succeed with whites. Think about the sickness of that for a moment. It’s unfathomable, yet it’s exactly how many blacks are treating President Trump. They’d rather see this country fail, than it succeed under a white. Look for the telltale signs from these haters, “Trump is racist, hates women, Muslims, blacks, orange Hitler, pu@@y grabber, slut wife, etc….” They are easy to spot, live a sad pathetic existence, and will continue to do so, because they’ll be dammed if whitey will get credit for helping them. Though they gladly accept whiteys welfare check every month.

  1. When will public school teachers have a “Mathematics Matters” or “English Matters” year? BLM should be pushing for school vouchers. BLM is heavily funded by alt left George Soros. Soros does not give a rat’s ass about black lives. He is a billionaire anarchist hell bent on destroying America. His boots on the ground are union members, particularly the teacher’s unions.

  2. Tim Green on said:

    SMFH, unfortunately the BLM movement has become synonymous with if a person of color is injured or killed by the police even if they bought the incident upon themselves by their actions theyre still innocent victims of the white man & racist pigs. If these teachers instead spent that week educating kids on what lead up to these incidents, the laws that allow Law Enforcement to do certain things they do (such as the fact that someone DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ARMED TO BE SHOT) & the mistakes EVERYONE involved possibly made that would be an unforgettable learning experience …. intentionally remaining ignorant of laws & legal proceedings is no excuse & BLM reps are only going to use the “innocent victim” narrative instead of explaining the TOTALITY

  3. African American Woman on said:

    BLM week at school, really? This is ridiculous. The kids would benefit more from teaching conflict resolution, self-love, respect and pride so they stop killing each other.

  4. ResposibilityInControl on said:

    BLM is sending the wrong message here. BLM start in our communities better yet instead of this have the teachers teach the students that in order to really change this they need to make the right decisions in life and develop into citizens that can run for public office to change the laws that affect our communities. BLM should mater when it comes to black on black crime as well BLM they seem to be absent on every “high profile black on black crime incident”.

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