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UPDATE: 1/13/17 9:00pm cst

According to People, the police were called to Paula Patton’s home after Robin was unable to see their son.

The site reports:

A representative for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s Lost Hills station confirms to PEOPLE that law enforcement officials were dispatched to Patton’s Calabasas home Friday morning after Julian didn’t arrive at school. He had missed his visitation with Thicke the evening before. The representative referred to the incident as “a non-event” but said “it involved a child not wanting to go with someone.”

Court documents obtained by PEOPLE show that Patton texted Thicke to tell him she was picking up their son on Thursday, Jan. 5, despite it being Thicke’s custodial time. “Paula sent someone to school to intercept Julian, in violation of the custody orders,” Thicke’s lawyer, Angela Pierce di Donato, tells PEOPLE, adding that “she did not return him to school today.”


This is getting even more messy.

UPDATE: 1/13/17 5:00pm cst

Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Robin Thicke has been cleared by Child Protective Services over the child abuse claims brought up by his ex Paula Patton.


We thought Paula Patton and Robin Thicke were enjoying one of Hollywood’s most amicable divorces. Their son, Julian, is now 6 and the two share cute snaps of the kid on social media. He even appeared in one of his father’s videos.

But apparently, things are now going sour with the co-parenting couple. Patton filed for a change in their joint custody agreement alleging that Thicke spanked their son, showed up drunk to a school event and smoked weed in front of him. reports:

An L.A. judge on Thursday denied Paula Patton‘s request to limit her ex-husband Robin Thicke‘s joint custody of their 6-year-old child, Julian, after she accused him of physical abuse.

“The judge denied all of Paula’s requests for custody,” a source close to the situation tells PEOPLE. “She wanted more custody because of her allegations of physical abuse, which are untrue and unfounded.”

Reps for Thicke, 39, and Patton, 41, have not responded to requests for comment.

In legal documents obtained by PEOPLE, Patton claims she’s “become concerned about [Robin]’s drinking and drug use, as well as the forms of punishment he is using to discipline Julian” over the past year.

Patton claims after Julian showed her how Thicke spanked him, she responded with an “ow,” and added that “Julian said it was worse than that,” according to the outlet.

According to the document, the former couple’s physical custody agreement gives Thicke overnights with Julian every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The pair’s divorce was officially granted last March after a year-long separation.

In his declaration, Thicke claims Paula “holds residual anger” towards him because he and his family “would not permit her or her family” to attend the funeral of his late father, Alan Thicke.

 “Paula did not have a positive relationship with my father and often made negative comments to me about my father,” says Thicke in the legal doc. “As such, she was not welcome at his funeral. It is my belief that Paula only wanted to attend because it would have resulted in additional public exposure for her.”

Saying he has “on a very rare occasion, and only as a last resort,” used “light spanking” with Julian per his agreement with Patton during their marriage, Thicke insists he has “never exceeded age-appropriate discipline.”

In his declaration, Thicke claims he has not had physical contact with Julian since Dec. 31, and that after Julian’s first day back at school on Jan. 3, Patton refused to let father and son FaceTime in private.

Patton further alleged that school officials told her that Julien had made comments to them about his father’s punishments and that she was concerned by behavior that included her son going ‘into a trance’, developing a slight stutter and seeming ‘tense.’

According to the legal documents, Thicke says that he finally talked to Julien on January 9th. During that call, he says he told his son he loved him and that he’d done nothing wrong.


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8 thoughts on “Cops Reportedly Called To Paula Patton’s House After Son Opts Not To See Robin

  1. Paula’s mad because she missed a photo opportunity at Robin Thicke’s fathers funeral. She’s embarrassed, so decided to try to embarrass him. It didn’t work. Now her reputation is tainted and Everybody is looking at her sideways.

  2. People, please quit using your kids as pawns this only hurts the kids instead of the adults you’re really trying to hurt. Love your kids more than you hate the ex.

  3. Michele W on said:

    But I guess it’s acceptable when both of them when together we’re high on cocaine most of the time trying to raise the poor child!
    Girl and Boy BYE!!!

  4. angietangie on said:

    Paula sit your ass down somewhere and chill out. That is what’s wrong with our kids today, no discipline. You are lucky your son have a father and he is in his life. If your son does something that calls for a spanking then spank his ass. that goes for you as well. what would you rather have a thugged out spoiled ass boy or a disciplined young man? I think the latter. Keep spoiling him Paula one day you are going to feel his wrath. Even if Robin does get high. So! I’m sure he will not hurt his child. Also if disciplining your child is going to ruin a marriage (Angie and Brad) then you all need counseling. Y’all Hollywood rich ass folks get on my damn nerves. Use the rod, don’t spoil the child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tim green on said:

    This is some kind of sick joke right?? …. she’s claiming that spankings have completely fucked up their son … Thicke should counter claim & state that her treating the kid like a lil bitch has fucked him up …. physical discipline when done APPROPRIATELY & not out of anger or spite is at times required with some children

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