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Malia Obama, Sasha Obama

Hold up. Wait a minute. Where in the world was Sasha?!

When folks didn’t see Sasha Obama at her father’s farewell event Tuesday evening the internet freaked out.


As President Obama gave an emotional farewell address to the nation from Chicago, cameras cut to familiar faces in the front row.

There was Vice President Biden, Malia Obama, Michelle Obama, Michelle’s mama, but NO Sasha! Why, why, why was Sasha not there?

Well, there hasn’t been an official statement on the matter, but CBS News’ Mark Knoller tweeted out that a White House official confirmed the reason Sasha was unable to attend the event was because she had a test at school on Wednesday morning back in DC, and couldn’t fly out to Chicago without getting back home ridiculously late.

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(Photo Source: AP)

4 thoughts on “White House Explains Why Sasha Obama Was Missing At Dad’s Speech

  1. Barbara Harris on said:

    They do not have to answer to any one! I will truly miss them but i am so glad they will be leaving from all the negativity they have endured these last 8 years!!!! If it was not for a good reason i am sure she would have been there…..DUH!!!!

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