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A viral video showing a White JCPenney employee putting an unidentified Black girl a headlock generated controversy on Wednesday.

Indiana affiliate WNDU reports the girl was shopping with her family on December 30 at University Park Mall outside of South Bend, Indiana, when the unnamed employee in the video reportedly told the group they did not belong there, and asked them to leave.

While exiting, the girl allegedly knocked over a display and the employee placed her in a headlock – causing her stomach and bra to be exposed.

In the video, family and store witnesses can be heard yelling for the man to release the girl.

“She can pay!” a family member yells, but the employee continued to restrain the young woman.

Mall security appears and can be seen escorting the girl away in handcuffs. According to WNDU, the girl was released to her father’s custody.

WNDU reached out to the mall, JCPenney, and the employee, but received no comment. WNDU reporter Travis Robinson said he was able to reach the family, but they declined to appear on camera before speaking to a lawyer.

Robinson says the girl told him off camera that if she was released from the chokehold, she would have been willing to “stay put and talk.”


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20 thoughts on “Viral Video Captures White JCPenney Employee Putting Black Girl In Headlock

  1. I’m so sick of seeing shit like this, Lord be with me when I go shopping because if they ever try me it will be a bad day for their asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am fed the fuck up over this shit, I have worked retail before and white people steal way more than black people believe it or not!!!

  2. Honestly on said:

    Cave n!@@ers are going to have to learn to keep their hands to themselves. This is why when a cave n!@@er is beaten senseless it is a well deserved act of self defense. These mayonnaise monkeys should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  3. Fuck you bitch, pussy mother fucker, bitch, pussy, mother fucking bitch.. You bitch. you hating cause we all got Obama+phones, bitch

  4. So much about this doesn’t make sense. Why would he just walk up to someone and tell them they don’t belong in the store? Why did she decide to do damage on the way out, instead of filming him telling her to get out of the store, getting out of the store and contacting a lawyer? And lastly, why didn’t someone cave the back of his skull in to get him to let go of her neck? Any lawyer who’s just passed the bar exam could have successfully defended them. What am I missing?

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      You are missing the truth Kates. Just like the 7 second video of the school fight. Just don’t expect the truth to come from the black female “victim”. “I didn do Nuffin”

      • Well, you’ve come to the wrong place for the truth, unless if course, you read my posts. The Scholar lays it out bare. They throw shade from every tree at the Scholar for his candid insight to our communities blight, but I will not be deterred from my work until we as a people go cold turkey and stop our embarrassing shiggidy.

  5. Johson-Johson, you need to get a life. I will bet you are some old ass white man with nothing to do except come to this site to see what we are talking about. You know the KKK has some sites for you to visit that might suit your mind set better. We are laughing at you boy because you are a joke.

  6. americanize on said:

    Well for the victims of this attack by this devil,Ihope u get a good lawyer b/c nothing will happen to the devil,just get ur money.Its in their DNA don,t take my word just look at the devils history,murder,rape,pilledge desease,war,around the world,just follow the trail of blood.

  7. Black women have zero femininity. They are the most violent group in this country. Keep in mind, the black woman is saying the store employee told them to leave, they don’t belong there. No witnesses proved that to be true. This, as in all cases, when black women get called to task, will be proven a lie. “Where there is 3 or more, I’ll be out the door” Cause you know dam well they gonna start some hood shyt.

  8. Sheryl on said:

    I hope they sue that bitch for putting his hands on her. Welcome to the future of trumps world. It’s going to get much much worse. I haven’t heard his ignorant ass commenting on anything about the cops that’s been assulting young blk women and girls lately

    • Yes especially when we continue to act like that derogatory name we accuse whites of calling us, because I dam sure blacks have shopped at that store thousands of times in the past without problems

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