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ATLANTA (AP) — The president of a historically black college in Alabama says its band will perform in President-elect Donald Trump‘s inaugural parade, despite a barrage of criticism.

Talladega College President Billy Hawkins announced the decision Thursday. It comes after the Presidential Inaugural Committee had announced that the Alabama band had accepted its invitation to march in the Jan. 20 parade.

The announcement followed several days of intense debate on social media. Some people voiced strong opposition, while others said it would be a good opportunity to perform in the parade.

Talladega bills itself as Alabama’s oldest private, historically black liberal arts college.

The college was founded in 1867.

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69 thoughts on “Historically Black College Band Will March At Inauguration Despite Criticism

  1. depetadeg on said:

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  2. Be strong Talladega, pay no attention to the haters with the slave mentality. They’ve never accomplished anything in their lives.

    • Glattimer on said:

      “Be strong Talledega” is an oxymoron, real strength requires character. Doing anything to support a man, any man, who is a liar, a misogynist, a sex offender, and a racist is not consistent with having character. HBCU’s should be at the forefront of teaching that message particularly given what is occurring in the black neighborhood on an everyday basis.

  3. So the student will attend the inauguration to experience the transition of power from the team of President Obama and VP Bidden to the team of trump, pence ,putin, assange and the atl right.

    or do they want to experience living in America when it was great ( during slavery) ?

    • Gregory Lattimer on said:

      Remember that the last slave on the boat is usually the one who watches, assists and has a good time watching his less enlightened neighbor be dragged away. Keep your head on a swivel Dr. Larry, there’s always room on the boat for one more.

    • and then what .look over you shoulders for the rest of your life. I will never hire someone from the band. can’t trust them.

  4. HBCU’s reached their lowest point in accreditation, funding, and failing infrastructure under Obama’s 8 years. Some people can put aside the blinders and see a chance for real HOPE. Good luck men and women of Talladega, you will remember this positive experience for a lifetime.

    • DR. FRANKLIN on said:

      can you call the college to voice your disappointment and protest ??

      what HBC need is for trump to commit (like Hillary did) to continued and increased funding — a black college marching to a racist tyrant dictator who SUPRRESSES VOTE and speaks to and for the KKK gives this legitimacy and credence to racism and bullying …. very, very sad what people will do for short-term attention … no integrity, no “historic” perspective from a historical black college …

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        You sound like you got your degree from an HBCU. Sit down fool before I really give you something to protest.

  5. Sheryl on said:

    F Donald trump. The way he dismissed Barack Obama and tried to delegitimize him for 8 yrs he don’t deserve respect from the blk community. We will see how my much this racist so called prez help the hbcus. He don’t give a damn about blk ppl or there schools. Btw. He is one UGLY mofo.

    • HBCU’s reached their lowest point in accreditation, funding, and failing infrastructure under Obama’s 8 years. Some people can put aside the blinders and see a chance for real HOPE

  6. African American Woman on said:

    I don’t know what Jews do and don’t really care… I know they aren’t killing each other like there’s a war going on…you may think they are all rich…all I know is that we can blame Santa Claus for all the wrong in our communities…it won’t change a Damn thing…work and focus brings change…of we’re not willing to do that…this same conversation will go on forever…you would think the folks on here who claim to love our people so much would be the first ones to point out where we need to make huge changes in how we operate as a people instead of blaming eveyone else who really don’t give a damn about you…that’s why I say silly, backward folks…do you think Trump cares about what you think of him? Absolutely ridiculous

    • AA: Yes……I do think Trump cares what people think about him because I think deep down inside he’s a very insecure man. That’s the way he comes across. I realize to SOME people he comes across as this strong, alpha, in control of everything male. People that are (really) confident, and at ease with themselves don’t have to have constant attention. If you don’t see that character flaw in him…..well that’s on you

  7. Did College President Billy Hawkins say why the school accepted the invite? I didn’t see it in the article above. Perhaps they do need the money as discussed on Tom’s show this morning. It sounds as though the school has money problems. As for all Black people thinking a like and marching to the (total) tune of Democrats….that’s BS. All of us have had a discussion/debate with a friend, relative, or colleague on issues we don’t agree with. Most people (including Black people) tend to vote with the party that closes matches their overall take on issues. It doesn’t mean they agree with everything within their party. There are lots of people that voted for Trump that don’t agree with his overall agenda. Many said they were willing to overlook his shortcomings, and voted for him because he has promised to solve the jobs.

  8. African American Woman on said:

    Some of y’all keep talking about morals and such….hmmm. For a people who have an overwhelming number of children out of wedlock, kill each other in numbers too big to count and have the largest number of our men in prison and you folks are sweating over a band who probably wont even meet Trump! Obama couldn’t fix the mess we do to OURSELVES…how could Trump make it any worse? No one has to do a damn thing to us…we already got them beat!

  9. Deborah Springer Suttlar on said:

    Shame, shame. The things we’ll do for fame. But to be a part of a man such as Trump. The candidate who invoked the most bigoted, racist, sexist immoral political campaign since George Wallace. Would Jews March for Hitler? Why must African American sacrifice our principles and morals for a minute of fame. This man ridiculed our African American President without shame. He is not worthy of our patronage. Have some scruples, we are not their entertainment we are a Free people.

    • Deborah: Thanks for the intelligent comments because a lot of the comments on this particular thread is nothing but rhetoric!!

  10. TurfRuler on said:

    The question of the 20th Century has always been “why can’t black people stick together on issues.” They say that the Jewish communities stick together, the Chinese communities stick together the Korean communities stick together, the Italian communities stick together, the Irish, the Germans, the Polish and the Russians all stick together. Well I’ve finally got the answer… Talladega College President Billy Hawkins announced the decision that the marching band of the Historical Black College had accepted its invitation to march in the Jan. 20 parade during the inauguration of Comrade Trump.

    • African American Woman on said:

      They tick together for the prosperity of their people. Those same groups you named have established rules for the people in that group…they don’t defend criminals in their ranks, they don’t complain about petty issues, they aren’t massacaring themselves to nothing, they voice their disatisfaction where it hurts the most…people’s pockets…they control their own communities, education, businesses and don’t tolerate and stand for folks who destroy their communities
      .. See why we don’t prosper?…plus people can stock together and see things differently…it’s these black race Nazis who can’t handle it when other black people don’t think exactly like them.

      • AA: We are pumping heads today. I agree with SOME of your assessment of other groups….but again only SOME. Back to keeping it real….if you think (most) Jewish people are wealthy, own a business, and have a wonderful life….you are definitely mistaken. Sounds as though you aren’t very worldly (meaning that it appears you aren’t REALLY aware of lots of things going on in this country. Makes me wonder what your life experiences are. And, as far as being qualified for jobs……Most Black people are just as qualified as everyone else is for a job. I guess you think all those white people in the rust belt (that voted for Trump) are all highly educated, and qualify for every type job in the book. NOT!!

  11. Darryl Curtis on said:

    My friends, there is diversity in the Black Community concerning Donald Trump, as there is on every other issue…EVERY black person in America is not opposed to President Trump taking office…MANY Blacks voted for him…I know many of you think that those that did so are reprehensible, but although you have the right to your opinion, you have no basis for it…

    Black people are diverse, economically, politically and financially…the days of Blacks being in lockstep is over…and liberal blacks often do and support things that are too embarrassing for intelligent black people to support…so if you don’t like Trump, exercise your right to vote and campaign against him and don’t watch the inauguration of you choose not to…but don’t think that every Black person thinks like you…and don’t castigate those who think differently…maybe you could learn something from them if you listen to their arguments rather than the arguments of the immature…

    And those college students marching should certainly put their participation in the inauguration on their resumes…it is unlikely that they will be submitting their resumes to black liberals anyway…the days of quotas for Black employment are coming to an end…to get a job in the future, you’ll just have to be an American…without the hyphen…and qualified…

    Black liberals be too busy protesting to have jobs in HR…or anywhere else…

    • African American Woman on said:

      Darryl, finally a voice of reason! This whole aggressive sheep mentality kills me… The race Nazis feel they have a right to dictate how every black person in this country should act, feel and do… My thing is do you and lead by example not by trying to force people to your viewpoint…intelligent people know how to listen and debate with others.

    • Gregory Lattimer on said:


      No excuses are necessary to explain negro complicity in the white agenda. It has been going on since the beginning of the slave trade. However, if you actually believe that employment decisions going forward will be race neutral, you truly are delusional, or believe that white supremacists cheered Trump’s election because they expect him to foster equality across the United States.

  12. Marilyn on said:

    The school said yes, meanwhile Trump and the Republicans are marching in with their racist agenda and cabinet members like Session who have expressed openly racist views. Is this what this HBCU stands for? I find it sad that some of the students are saying it will be good for their school. No social consciousness whatsoever.

  13. Let them march I won’t watch it and I know alot of other people that will not watch it people should make sure they get now ratings and turn your tv off that day or watch cable.

  14. African American Woman on said:

    Who knows, maybe the band will remember the experience for the time they have…you or any other person has NO right to dictate to another what they should and should not enjoy or do…race nazis

  15. FallMornings on said:

    Actually, I did not agree with the way the Republicans treated him. So, if you are speaking to me, then you’ve got it wrong.

    • specialt757 on said:

      What exactly have I got wrong? The fact that Redumplicans treated Prez Obama like shit for the last 8 years or that you didn’t have this “come together for the good of the community” speech? “silence means consent” If you didn’t speak out against it, you must have been for it. Right, no one person speaks for a whole group of folks, everyone and I do mean everyone has an opinion, if you have 50 people you could end up with 50 opinions no matter the same color or same sex. I have absolutely, positively no problems speaking out against wrong, but again “wrong” is relative to your beliefs. “Stand for something or sit down for anything” so true.

  16. JACQUELINE ASKEW on said:

    Do you really think they’ll receive notoriety and if so what kind ?? I do understand that many of the band members Wil never get another chance to March down Pennsylvania Ave but what will the memory remind them of ? What will it bring to your memory? Will remember trump, sessions and all of the other racists he has appointed. It’s just not a good memory.

    Thank you very much !!

  17. specialt757 on said:

    I just wonder where all these grand kum-by-yah speeches were when the redumplicans were treating Prez Obama like a shit for the last eight years. Now we’re supposed to be the bigger people and accept the next great white hope or orange clown with open arms. The only inauguration I ever watched were the two for Obama, I couldn’t care any less about the one for hitler. Me not watching will change absolutely nothing, except maybe the Neilson ratings.

  18. FallMornings on said:

    AA Woman you’re wasting your words on people who do not want to hear any side of the equation but theirs. True, not all Black people think alike and that makes many of them mad as hell. Not just this issue but many others.

      • African American Woman on said:

        I guess most of you people on this board have your tickets out of the country by now???? No way, then you wouldn’t have anything to complain about for the next 4 years…our forefathers must be rolling in their graves…those strong black folks were determined to succeed in spite of not fail because of…so sad to see that spirit replaced with negativity and apathy

    • Gregory Lattimer on said:

      And how many band members have you hired during that period? How many HBCU bands have you engaged during that period? The point here is that nobody is saying that the black community is monolithic or should be. But there should be a moral code. You can’t rape my wife and then have she and I to dinner; you can’t embrace those who seek my demise and then promise me a future. Going along to get along is despicable when it comes to a people. You can rationalize anything, however, justification for a position requires logic and reason and that is none in this regard.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Moral code???? Are you serious??? We’re killing each other like murder is going out of style and this small issue raises the question of morality for you???? Unbelievable.

  19. Gregory Lattimer on said:

    What in the world is that band going to gain from being used as a pawn by a misogynist, self-avowed sex offender and racist other than scorn and disdain? Get its “name and skills out there to who?” What black people are going to watch the inauguration of Donald Trump, you and who else, maybe? What black group or organization will ever want to see them? A business exists to sell its products to the public. A HBCU band does not. And the fact that you would not have said anything to the king, speaks volumes about your character. The jails are full of people who could not pass up the opportunity to make money, and so are the welfare rolls. All money is not good money, and only a fool thinks otherwise.

    • African American Woman on said:

      First off, you don’t know how many black folks may watch the inauguration…perhaps some folks will watch just to see the band…ever think of that??? No, of course not, you cannot see past your blinders…I don’t know how many times I can say it ALL BLACK PEOPLE DO NOT THINK THE SAME…this is why we can’t get anywhere…you don’t know the reason why the band elected to play…maybe they see an opportunity for themselves…you aren’t the aren’t the authority on what EVERY black person thinks.

  20. This HBCU Marching Band is being used by CHUMP.

    He could care less about them or any other persons of color. Does anyone remember him thanking us for staying home and not voting???

    The marching band are mere TOKENS on display.

    I don’t care what anyone says-CHUMP IS NOT OUR (BLACK FOLKS) PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let the REDNECKS and TEABAGGERS have him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Sheryl on said:

    F trump and this marching band. He stands for nothing but bigotry and incompetence. I think he’s the anti Christ and or a spy. He’s definitely putins puppet.

    • Well it’s good to hear from a Racist Bigot on the other side after all when people used that language on Obama that’s what they were called and like it or not until you renounce your citezenship he will be your presient too …Happy Happy

  22. African American Woman on said:

    God people! For heaven’s sake, stop being so Damn myopic and full of negativity…who cares who they are marching for…can you imagine the level of notoriety they’ll receive for marching at the inaguration??? Damn, my people, y’all are becoming straight up embarrassing.

    • Gregory Lattimer on said:

      Had you been in Africa when the slave trade was at its height, I guess you would have said to those who criticized the kings who sold young incorrigibles to the white slave traders, “stop being negative, he is only trying to restore order in our community?” Whose really embarrassing and self loathing.

      • African American Woman on said:

        That’s so stupid…oranges and apples…I probably wouldn’t have said anything because I wouldn’t know where I was headed. We are talking about an opportunity for a band to get their name and skills out there. I swear some black folks have racism and fear of the “white man” in their brains 24-7. If you had a store and some rednecks came in wanting to buy some of your most expensive merchandise, would you say I’m not selling to you because you’re racist rednecks- nope, you’d take that money, smoke and say, have a great day!if you passed up the chance to make money, you’d be a Damn fool. Think bigger than poor old me and start thinking opportunity…Koreans may hate us, does that stop them from opening stores in our neighborhoods? Please, people…

      • African American Woman on said:

        We are killing each other like lions kill wildebeest and you people are worried about whether a band plays at an inauguration…I wish some of you had this much passion for issues that we should have passion for…wonder why things don’t change in our communities??? My son’s, who is in the Army, unit is providing security detail at the inauguration…should I tell him don’t go son and take away the opportunity to put that in his resume???? Silly, backwards folk.

      • Kay Kay on said:

        This school thinks they will get notarity, yes they will but the wrong kind. Hopefully they are prepared for the fallout afterr they March. Sometimes getting money from the wrong person does not go a long way. The “house n…er” lives on! He does what he can to get by but at the cost of pointing fingers at those in the “field”.

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