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Well here’s a messy situation playing out right in front of us on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

If you missed it, on Sunday night’s episode, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams threw out hints that Kandi Burruss is having sex with Porsha’s best bud, Shamea Morton. Or, as it was bluntly said, they’re “f*ckin’!” And if you’re wondering what Todd, Kandi’s husband, has to say about the situation, he’s said to be part of the action, too.

Shamea, who often appears on RHOA, went to social media to respond, saying she’s been hurt by the accusations:


“When someone you consider a best friend will cosign a lie about you …it gives you a new definition of friendship! #hurt #girlcode”

Kandi also took to social media to deny the allegations.



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9 thoughts on “Kandi Burruss Denies (Again) That She’s Had A Lesbian Relationship

  1. ponez on said:

    Kandi is a bisexual freak. Kandi is upset that Porsha didn’t have a threesome with her and Todd. Todd is an opportunists and doesn’t have respect for his wife. What man would stand by and watch his wife tongue kissed another woman and find it entertaining and amusing. Who does that? They are both poor example of parents. Than to confirmed it on camera that Kandi tongue kissed Porsha. Kandi knew exactly what was going on and it is sad that she will do anything for MONEY. Porsha had been drinking and wasn’t in her right mind; however Kandi and Todd was. Kandi shady behavior have been exposed by the ladies from XSCAPE also, and the things she did to them. They are all in the same boat. Kandi need to be quiet and stop talking about Porsha.

  2. Kandi girl, worry when They stop talking about you. Just don’t let Thot 1 and Thot 2 drag you dwon to their level. You have always carried yourself as a classy lady, so don’t let the ratchet become a part of who you are. Rise Above !!!

  3. Robby Singer on said:

    so damm what if kandi is a lesbian i like her still kandi is st8 up if she has 2 say something 2 anyone. sheree and porsha needs 2 STFU and mind their damm business!

  4. ButterPecan on said:

    Oh poor Kandi! Everybody lying on her! She didn’t sleep with a married man! She didn’t invite another woman into her bed with her husband! By the way, wasn’t Shaimeka bought into the RHOA by Porsha! Kandi Is a tramp, sugar mama , and freak so yeah I believe everything they said about her. When Don Juan heard them discussing Todd, Shameka was at Kandi’s house the very next day to let her know. F*** Kandi!

  5. Sheryl on said:

    We have 99 hundred thousands worrys with this person elected as president. And her relationships isn’t one of them. We better be worried about these republithugs taking away health care from millions. Changing Medicare to a volchere and cutting ss benefits. They are coming for them real quick and in a hurry. They got there country back and the average tax payer will be sorry for this fiasco getting ready to take pl.

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