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Bishop Eddie Long has returned to the pulpit of Georgia’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church after being away for weeks, but his gaunt appearance has social media expressing shock, concern and brimming with speculation on the state of his health.

Via Straight From the A:

Many speculated the about the state of Long’s health after he publicly announced he was on a “vegan diet.” He then stated he had been ill but had been healed by the grace of God.

Now, many are buzzing online about the pastor’s shockingly frail appearance.

Twitter has been ablaze with speculation about Long’s new look and many are referring to as “Karma” for what he allegedly did to those young boys many years ago.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that Long is suffering from something but both he and the church are keeping his ailment under wraps.

The blog also points to a YouTube video posted by New Birth on December 11, 2016, which shows Long looking “so frail that he can barely praise walk on his own.”

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(Photo Source: @GAFollowers screenshot)

69 thoughts on “Bishop Eddie Long Returns To Pulpit Almost Unrecognizable

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  2. Sarah Cummings on said:

    God is real and he rains onbthe unjust as well as the just. He also said to pray for your brother and not talk about him. We all have our own opinions, but let’s not condemn or assume because noone knows but God he is the author and finisher of our life.

  3. Shakita Weaver on said:

    His family needs prayers. Unfortunately because of whatever happened, his family is suffering. Whether he did it or not, everything has taken a toll on his family. If it’s his time to transition on, his family will have to deal with it. This is for all of us to remember, “whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall reap” that’s biblical. In other words, plant good seeds and good comes back to you, plant bad seeds, and bad comes upon you too. This world needs good!!!

  4. Wmw9967 on said:

    There a lot of comments about what Bishop Long has. From these pictures, he is suffering from an ailment. I do not know what it is or care to know. I am a pastor and I know I will lift him and his congregation in my prayers.

  5. I find it very interesting that most of the people on here are commenting like they are God and know exactly what happened. What if those boys lied? Oh, I forgot! People are now guilty until proven innocent. I hope none of you ever has to deal w/anything in the court of public opinion. And no I’m not a fan or supporter of Eddie Long’s but I will pray for all involved.

    • RENO2AC on said:

      Well, the boys didn’t lie. Eddie never denied the accusations even while saying that he would “fight” to the bitter end.

  6. Evangelist Anquinetta Chaney Sanders on said:

    Everyone can say whatever they want but the key is to pray for him no matter what he has done or have, this is so sad, GOD is so disappointed in us as his people quite judging each other and just pray for each other I pray someone receives this word, I pray you all be blessed in the LORD JESUS CHRIST

  7. I am not an Eddie Long fan and that has been the case LONG before the scandal became news. But I will say this, for all those throwing around scripture and judging those who will not pass judgment on this man just remember Psalm 103:10 and Proverbs 24:17 especially in this season where God seems to be cleaning house. You better hope your stuff gets passed over.

    • Afro: Sooooooo “God” is dealing with him?? Please ask “God” when is he going to deal with some REAL PROBLEMS in the world??!! I’ve seen your “God” absent on so many important issues!!

  8. Dannica on said:

    It’s not for us to judge anyone. One day, we are all going to stand before God. Learn how to pray for others, including Pastors. None of us has been in his home, therefore we need to be careful about saying harsh things about Pastors. Let God be the judge! Focus on self first before you criticize or judge someone else.

  9. Dee Dee on said:

    God Words speaks for God!!🛎

    It is written “By Grace are we saved; not by works less any should boast!!”
    It is written “there are none good; no not one and even our righteousness is as filthy rags!!”
    It is also written “God has some disobedient children and the wrath of God abide on them!!”
    It is written “we are born again unto good works and placed into the body of Christ and sealed unto the day of redemption!!”
    It is written “if we sow to the flesh we shall reap corruption!!”

  10. Right or wrong please don’t blame these young boys for a grown man actions..and if their actions continue as adult men this is what they had gotten accustomed to..a pastor…bishop…mentor…and yes a child molester taking advantage of black young men without a father and not of the upper statues…please so call Christain stop making excuses for this man’s he has aids hiv or something else…indeed we all have to answer to a higher power…and who said we can’t judge when he himself started the actions of accused by molesting young boys….

  11. M Wheeler on said:

    It’s AIDS!! Quit trying to pray the inevitable away! All the the young men/boys he had relations with need to check their status!!!
    When do we start acknowledging that God is responsible for both the good and bad! There is no other source but him so it’s his will only that is done.

    • Ronnie2309 on said:

      As a Registered Nurse of 22 years,Karposci Sarcoma is cancer that AIDS patients get. If your disease has gotten too advanced, money can’t cure it. If that’s the case, Easy E would still be alive.

  12. Well peaches, I heard this saying some time ago that seems to fits well (paraphrasing) “going to church makes you no more a Christian than going to a garage makes you an automobile” Everyone in church are not Christians no matter how much they profess to be. We are all sinners and fall short but we should all live and love like Christ did, Christian = Christ like. How many of us are successful? It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try tho. Everyone’s Christian walk is not at the same pace, basically we shouldn’t judge others, but we do all the time, we’re all imperfect.

  13. peaches on said:

    What i don’t understand why do people who go to church always states they are Christians. and the ones who don’t go are sinners. And for the ones who attends his church and knew what was going on they are sinners just like him.

  14. Bishop Long… I am sorry. For the young men – I am sorry!! Life is hard and none of us get out alive!! My prayers are for each and every one of us a fallible human beings.

    • VIRGINIA L HOLMES on said:

      If he has AIDS then someone please help the young men he would have infected. If they have HIV then they can receive medication to keep it from turning to AIDS and live long healthy lives if caught soon enough, but they MUST take medication EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIVES. Once the disease crosses over from HIV to AIDS medication cannot take you back

  15. Whether or not Eddie Long is a homosexual none of us can definitively say. What the public knows is there are several young men who said they were given gifts and money for sexual favors; Eddie Long has not admitted anything. What I know as a Christian is this, if he did what they are saying, he was in sin and so were those young men. If he repented and asked God for forgiveness, he’s forgiven, regardless of what anyone has to say. Its God who makes us Christians and God who gives us the ultimate forgiveness. Does he have AIDS? Only God, him, his doctor, wife and those close to him know for certain. If you are a Christian, it is your responsibility to pray for the man. All of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and all of us have been given numerous chances by God. Will we escape earthly consequences? Not always but again, that’s God’s decision.

    • When you say that the young boys who looked up to him also have sinned. I questioned you being a Christian. The youths in his group were victims not sinners. Which leads me to believe/come to a conclusion from reading your “dissertation” about your true issues. You was to quick to pass judgment on children

      • Karen you’re being quick to pass judgment on me now by questioning whether or not I’m a Christian. As I’ve stated earlier, it’s God who makes us Christians. Not you or anyone else. Trust me, I’m very secure in who I am as a Christian. I’ve not passed judgment on those young men at all. Were they victims? I never said they weren’t. Based on their interviews at some point they realized what was happening was wrong and at their own admittance continued to do so to keep getting things from him and so that they could say they knew him. So as I said earlier, IF what happened is true, yeah it’s sin on all parts; youth are not immune to sin. The moment they realized it was wrong and continued, it makes it sin. IF this really happened, every adult involved should have been dealt with and if real repentance has occurred then they are ALL forgiven, period; God will decide the consequence.

    • Lauretta Graham on said:

      Sir I agree. My prayers are wqith him and his family .. Life happens to all of us . It is the mercy of God only that we are not brought to open shame and exposed …

    • Amen. Wrong is wrong. If he did commit criminal acts, then he is subject to prosecution. We all have to protect our children! I don’t care who it is. Don’t blindly GIVE your child to people in order to get a breath of peace. Keep your child close to you! You spend time! You do for them as best you can! At ALL times, watch, listen and look at them to make sure they are not preyed upon. Lord have mercy!!!!

    • deron williams on said:

      please explain to me how does young boys was the one in the wrong. that’s the problem with these so call Christians. blame those who the crime was done too and say the pastor had no hand in it.
      if it was one of your children would you have the same point of view.
      if Mr. Long did what he did. whatever happen to him he brought it own he’s self.

    • My sister it is not God who makes us Christians but it is our righteous walk and living with him that makes Christians. Christians is a loosely used term these evil days and that’s why some people look down on that term.
      Be Blessed

      • Unfortunately SL it is a loosely used term today; people go (and don’t go) to church for different reasons. I know a lot of people who say they are Christians but don’t go to church, or read/believe the Bible or believe in the Christ of the Bible. I’m not talking about them or people who don’t identify as Christians. I’m referring to those who God made Christians through faith in His Son Jesus Christ; it all starts with God. The transformation, the walk, you are talking about can only happen through God once you become a Christian; it’s a process. There should be a difference between those who are Christians and those who aren’t and it’s sad that too often we look the same. Christians are not perfect; The Bible says we all sin. The difference is Christians should know better, we have God’s Power to live for Him and we have an Advocate with The Father for forgiveness when we don’t (John 1:12, 13; Romans 3:22; 12:1, 2; I Corinthians 1:26-31; II Corinthians 5:17; Galatians 5:13-26; Ephesians 2:4-10; I John 1:9). People might say this is a bunch of malarkey and that’s fine; they have a right to their opinion. I would rather believe, die and find out it was all a lie (no harm, no foul) than not believe, die and find out it was all true and go to hell.

    • If you think back to when all of this hit the fan, his wife was going to divorce him. This is when he told her the truth and revealed that he was HUB positive. He begged her to pray and stay with him thru sickness and in health. In exchange, for her freedom to move on with her life at that time, he would make sure she is well provided for and taken care of for life. So she stayed and never betrayed his trust and his life story. It’s his story to tell, not hers. Maybe later on she will write a book timelining her journey thru life with him, from her prospective.

      • peaches on said:

        sickness and in health and for better or worse. just how worse can it get when your husband sleeping with men. and then going home and lay with you in bed. that just like people tell women who were beaten by their husband to stay with them for that same reason. this is a control issues not love. but with her she love the money. i would have left his behind and still got the money. i hope she never write a book or go on tour don’t want to hear her said at all.

  16. Denise Wilson on said:

    Peace And Blessings Always….#WhoAreWeToJudge #ThatsGodsBusiness..Healing And Restoration in Your Mind, Body And Soul. Go Forth snd Prosper, Seek Forgiveness and above all Be Blessed

    • Ms Newattitude on said:

      Christians sicken me with this forgiving everyone and not judging. You better judge. I judge that I would never attend his church or leave him in a room with my boys. He is a leader. He has a higher mandate than the average parishioner. You CAN be a church member with an opinion you know but y’all too scared meaning you. w

  17. theflyingnun on said:

    What on God’s green earth is going on with this poor soul?!!? I would have walked passed him on the street. He looks terrible

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