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Dr. Rovenia Brock or Dr. Ro, is America’s Nutrition Coach now but she says African Americans are and have been her main priority for entire 28 year career. She helped Sherri Shepherd lose 40 pounds on the View and helped over a half million viewers lose more than 5 million pounds on the Dr. Oz Show. From weight loss to wellness, Dr. Ro has written the blueprint! Her new book Lose Your Final 15 helps you to lose weight just 15 pounds at a time.


What are the doctor’s recipes?

Over 45 Breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snack recipes in the book: “Lose Your Final 15”. Order it here: And join my newsletter and Pvt. F-15 FB group for more recipes and support.

How do you lose back row fat?

Cut calories, eat the Final 15 way, which helps you to lose body fat all over, do rows and upper body exercises to tone your back muscles. I have 15 minute workouts in “Lose Your Final 15”.

Dr. Ro, are there tips for losing stubborn menopausal weight? I attend strength classes, yoga, cardio and belly dance. The scale does not move & I exercise daily about an hour.

Menopause does slow metabolism but I’d want to do two things if you were my patient-

  1. Check your food choices (sugar, fried foods, & more). This Final 15 Plan can work for you. Of course abs (flat belly) and tight muscles are made in the kitchen, not the gym. The results you’re looking for are found in diet (80%) over exercise (20%). Give my plan a try. Join the Challenge & my pvt. F-15 FB group where I’ll support you weekly!
  2. Check your hormone levels to determine another course of action

Can this plan work with someone with Diabetes?

YES! I have a whole section on diabetes to show the relationship to obesity and weight gain. This is a great plan for diabetes.

Dr Ro I’m doing a cleansing diet which sounds like what you saying, small meals, a lot of fruits and veggies and complex carbs. However, this diet I can’t eat meat. NONE. I’ve done the meat subs – mushrooms, beans, etc but I LIKE MEAT. So I’ve been doing small portions of meat. Is this okay? My coach is saying that I can’t. I’m under the mindset that it’s okay. What do you think?

You should try the Final 15 Diet because you eat all categories of food including meat, fish, & poultry.

Do you have recipes for vegan/Vegetarians in your book? 

Yes! Quite a few. The Final 15 Diet can be easily adapted to a vegan or vegetarian diet because I tell you exactly which proteins can be used (nuts,seeds, and more) in place of meat,poultry, & chicken.

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