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State farm

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Just when you thought we’ve progressed enough as a nation to see the issue with racism, something always knocks us back down to the chilling, prejudiced reality.

The Internet is going crazy over the latest State Farm ad, which shows a Black man giving a wedding ring to a White woman. The ad prompted viewers to protect their wedding jewelry with State Farm insurance, but people weren’t talking about insurance protection after viewing the viral commercial.

Racist Twitter users went in on the stock photo used by State Farm, saying things like:

Although some users went so far as to threaten to boycott the agency over the photo, there were also people who supported the message of the pic:

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110 thoughts on “State Farm Ad Receives Major Backlash For Featuring Interracial Couple

  1. John Baker on said:

    Diversity isn’t white genocide. It’s making peace with past differences.
    Let the peacemakers to their job as peacemakers.
    If that isn’t you, then you can do your job as being a better person while the peace transitioning is taking place.

  2. mickrussom on said:

    Why do these advertisers care – its a vast minority, if they want to mix race, fine, but why do advertising show it happening 100 times more than it actually does? Its just SJW PC types pushing a stupid social agenda. I am not ashamed of what I am, and if I want to preserve that why should these creeps keep trying to shame everyone into mixing? stupid. In fact if i was an advertiser, pick the sub-group that uses my products the most and depict them.

  3. Rwinston on said:

    Let me guess you all hate the black & white commercials but love the gay ones. We all need our Lord and savior JESUS CHRIST!!!!

  4. I hate to inform some of you but the left would NEVER put out a positive interracial commercial unless it was specifically asking for votes. The left/liberal/democrats are the proven racists in this country. They point the finger at conservatives to take the light off themselves and I see some of you believe it but you are worshiping at the alter of lies! The State Farm ad obviously is appealing to conservatives and conservative leaning Americans. The socialist left is not so accepting!

    • Ruben vaca on said:

      fuck all of you black motherfuckers and go back to africa where you belong . You get all women other than the black bitches that don’t go for your bullshit. Thieving, lying ,dopers , stealing , bastards that you are.

      • Ant Qui on said:

        Go back to Europe you sickly, land stealing, pale bastard. Nobody in the world like you, so go blow up your own country with you and your kids in it.

      • Kelly on said:

        Thank you…so sick of seeing all the whites so servile, obsequious, subservient jackasses today to blacks…..why don’t blacks make it on their own, instead of having the pathetic whites elevate them to levels they never worked for… far is this going to go before the pendulum swings back,,,and it won’t be pretty!!!

  5. University of New Hampshire published, through Carsey Research an article in Fall 2016, “Whites Death exceed Births in 1/3 of the United States”. Reasons 1. Rise of older whites. 2. Decrease of females 15-45 of child bearing age. 3/ Opioids. 4.Suicides. There is a new reality in the US and the silly and stupid racists, are being left far behind.


  7. Johnny S on said:

    As if racial conflicts. Weren’t bad enough in thi country they have the nerve to air a commercial with this filthy left wing commie scheiße. Are you trying to start a war in this country ,if so you are well on your way. You disgust me , will never purchase your insurance.

  8. As a contract you have to be completely clueless to have State Farm Insurance. It’s so bad we no Longer help the customer in the insurance process for State Farm claims as we have in the past since 1971.

  9. State farm will spend $100k to fight paying you $31 K in owed restitution, when an uninsured motorist hits you even if you have been paying full coverage premiums to them for 15+years.
    Ask the people they screwed after Hurricane Katrina and they would not pay for their storm surge destroyed homes. The hire lawyer then too to claim the water was the result of wind. Starm farm and its owner all have earned a warm place in Hell

  10. I live in the mountains; i dont like any humans….black; white; red; brown; fk them; all that matters is me and my dog; fk the rest.

  11. Proud American on said:

    White does not equal racist. There are bad eggs in every color.
    But, that’s the problem. Instead of just seeing other people, people have started seeing other colors.
    We’re all just a bunch of people trying to live on the same world.
    The people who insult me for saying this… they are the problem.
    Yes, there are violent “black” gangs. There are violent “white” gangs, “yellow” gangs, “red” gangs, “tan” gangs.
    There are racists and people who make other people look bad… in every color.
    It’s time to stop seeing colors and start seeing people.
    Hate the criminals, not the entire race.

    • Cynthia on said:

      Interracial marriage is fine. I think it’s funny that in no way has there been “enough” black people in commercials or leads in movies. Suddenly they’re being shown as part of a mixed couple like being with a white spouse is their edification. I have mixed marriage in my family and their children are by far the most beautiful I’ve seen. And I have beautiful children. The children look more like their black father. Sometimes the mixed tv couples “work” but very often they don’t. There’s something, a similarity, that we are attracted to and I don’t necessarily think it’s black or white. Let’s see more black people, couples in general. Also I think more handicapped people should be shown. I raised my children to respect everyone and if they solely chose a friend, boy or girl, based on color then I failed.

  12. Jeff Davis on said:

    State Farm , This is not needed , Black on White women violence is out of control right now , Why doesn’t state Farm Talk about that .

  13. Racial Justice on said:

    interesting that commercials pairing black women with white men FAR OUTNUMBER those pairing black men with white women. I guess this racist society has no issue with pairing?

    • Randy Jorgensen on said:

      I was seriously going to switch my auto insurance to State farm. After seeing this left-wing propaganda it will never happen and I’m sharing this with all my friends and family.

  14. Black men only marry white women if the black man is rich. Any other time the black man hauls ass as soon as the white woman gets pregnant. Look at Obama’s father. The vast majority of white women who have mixed raced babies are raising them without the black father because he doesn’t want the be tied down to just one white woman. The more white women he can get pregnant, the more he likes it. There are countless young white females in this situation.

  15. joe john james on said:

    Mark, really? we put up with this? its an advertisement, you didn’t pay for the ad so who fucking cares? if you can’t deal, jump off a bridge man. end it.

    • Randy Jorgensen on said:

      Hey dumb dumb who needs one more name with a J.We are the ones paying for the ads. As far as jumping off that bridge. .After you Jackass

  16. Mark on said:

    Why is it we have to put up with this. I see it as all these commercials forcing black and whites being together. I look at it as if you were born black than you marry a black. If you are white you marry a white. These women who throw themselves at black I see as white trash or in the case of an athlete they are in it for money.

  17. Brad Nailer on said:

    I try to subdue my racist nature and love my fellow man, but I go ballistic when I see this. Why this constant pairing of black men and white women? It seems disrespectful to the black women and in white culture the woman is seen as the lowest form of white trash. Stop it already. Nothing wrong with different races socializing, but it’s the white woman who cried rape and sent innocent black men to waiting lynch mobs not that long ago.

  18. God may have created all races, but he put each in their own area. He didn’t mix them all together in a melting pot.

  19. Chris Columbus on said:

    I could care less about interracial marriage but it is clear that State Farm is pandering to every fucking left wing cause under the sun The good neighborhood commercial puts out a white male guilt trip and ends with some pool kid/obviously Hispanic/ who has dropped out of school. It’s the cheapest most transparent form of pandering to the left that I have ever seen. How about lowering your rates and stop fucking people on every damage claim. I am going to lose these assholes from my monthly checkbook. Great job State farm

    • Agree, Chris Columbus. The “Following” commercial tries to lay a guilt trip on white men by implying they should use their spare time trying to solve everyone else’s problems. What would be the NAACP’s reaction if there was a black man in the commercial instead? Not positive, I can assure you. State Farm panders to the left in virtually every one of their commercials these days.

  20. Why there isn’t the same reaction a white man and a black commercial.
    SCANDAL been on for years. Kerry Washington character all over the white boy..
    Still on the air.

    • Bad benn on said:

      Because most blackwomen are too ugly and the pretty ones are coached from childhood to marry a strong blackman.because its ok for ablackman to have 3-4 white women and a black wife or gf.but not ok for white men to do shit but be cuckholded i say b.s. im sick of this blacks get everything and the white man gets shit it needs to end now. That and stupid white whores falsely believe they have somthing wm dont. I promise thats the biggest lie that exists.

      • Take comfort in the facts that the world was conquered by Whites, Language was invented by whites, Architecture was invented by whites Time was invented by whites, Money was invented by Republicans, Whites mistakenly bought Blacks captured by other Blacks, Russia is White, Polar bears are White, Schools were invented by Whites, Tanks were invented by Whites, Automobiles were invented by Whites Oprah Winfrey was invented by Whites

  21. Out of 1 man and woman God made all forms of nationality to dwell on the surface of the earth so those of you who have all this hate because two people who love each other are you better than God who created us humans ijs love is love no matter what skin color you are

    • You have been Brainwashed- Best solution-start legalized pot shop and all your holier than thou philosophy will go up in smoke- a little cannabis for the delude goes a long way to becoming REALITY

  22. dgreyeyes on said:

    I my opinion I think it is sad that people find this offensive. Hell I say be happy that you are able to find someone to love no matter their ethnic background. Larry and Robert has to be the two idiots on the BAW page. Welcome to the world of stupids Larry and Robert that come for the land of the lost. My question why should it matter love is love? I say more power to them if this two people are real and not actors. I also am beginning to wonder if Larry and Robert are in-fact black gay men that has so much to say against black women because men that comment this much tends to be gay. Or if not gay they are guys that have Momma issues if their parent is in fact black. Why do they feel that Dark Skinned women are so angry and goes into orbit?

  23. A soares on said:

    WTF are y’all talking about.. are you too blind to see that ANYTIME a black man is in a positive role on TV or most especially in advertising you will always get this type of reaction.. We are to be portrayed as monsters in Chicago killing each other and not in a positive light, because then there is NO remorse and NO accountability when we gunned down in the streets we will just be the animals they portray us to be

  24. Familyvalues on said:

    This makes it seem as if black women are good enough to be a “baby mama ” , but not a wife. White women are raised to expect marriage, whereas I know a lot of young black women run like the wind from it, but have no problem having a baby and living together.

  25. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    State Farm this is the type of advertising that needs to be on television promote ALL love! State farm will not go out of business due to a hand full off racists that couldn’t understand the real meaning in the commercial. Bold commercial State Farm good job!

  26. specialt757 on said:

    I love black love, I don’t hate all others, just love black love. I don’t dislike the commercial and would never make the assumption that this white woman would be beaten by her black husband in 4 years. I’ve been married for a lot longer and have never been beaten by my black husband. I had a similar conversation with my husband trying to count the number of black men celebrities married to white women, needless to say I lost count. What I’ve learned by listening to others is that black men want women who appreciate and accept them for them and not try to change them. I’ve heard, black women try to mold them into what they want them to be, but I’ve also heard, that black men feel they’re not worth anything unless they have a white woman on their arms or in their beds so….. who knows. I think people should marry whomever makes them happy, unfortunately it may not be another black person. jmo.

    • oh be quiet. lots of interracial couples exist. and the kids i’m sure love their white granparents and vice versa. dearly. the kids are often incredibly beautiful. for both reasons. its a beautiful commercial. its a part of life we see daily, and many black people are white looking themselves. who cares. i’m tired of it. if a “brother” doesn’t want a black woman that’s his business. its not his duty as a black man to go for a black woman. for the woman who cares, maybe she needs a white man or an asian one.

      • specialt757 on said:

        I’m going to assume your comment wasn’t meant for me, if you so, you sound like a fool. I said absolutely nothing about grandparents or that mix kids aren’t beautiful as a matter of fact I didn’t mention anything about kids. Are you dumb or just stupid?

    • Chris Columbus on said:

      There is no issue with interracial couples. But SF is making it a big fucking deal with such pandering bullshit such as this. I don’t need the shit thrown in my face every time I turn on the TV or the computer. State Farm is fucking stupid for doing this as they will lose some customers that DO have a problem with it

      • willard on said:

        you said it Chris. ,fuck em
        we dont need this salt and pepper bullshit crammed up our ass!
        I’m sick of this shit too.
        stupid liberal pricks!

  27. I’m definitely for Black couples (however) we must remember that the USA is a melting pot. Plus it reminds me of when (some) Black women see celebs with a white woman they get mad. Duuuuuh….like if the celeb wasn’t with that white woman they would be with you. NOT…..primarily because you don’t travel in their circles.

    • BigShot on said:

      Strong is an over used word, and an inaccurate adjective when it comes to Black females today. Actually, for the last 25+yrs they’ve been the compete opposite. They have disconnected themselves from all solid traditions which kept the family whole and productive. And to this day, refuse to admit, adjust, or take ANY responsiblity, for ANY of the damage, in ANY way always blaming others or some thing else entirely. That’s is weakness, not strength.


  28. Michael on said:

    …….and see more & more black men with white women. And see more and more black women with sad , depressed looks. Be more observant, especially @ airports. Black men laughing and grinning with their white counterparts while black women traveling alone, looking pitiful

    • Eric: I get your drift…..but what does TV have to do with reality….real life. Some people may get mad at my comment….but I don’t care. TV doesn’t make, nor stop Black men from dating, committing nor marrying a Black women. The Black family over-all has (somewhat) fallen apart. Yes there are still lots of Black couples; but not enough. Black men that aren’t willing to commit to a relationship is a flaw of character in my judgment. If someone is willing to commit….then obviously my comments aren’t directed towards them

    • BigShot on said:

      That’s not what they want. They don’t want anything that will put us in a positive light nor promote positive thing or thoughts. They promote their agendas. The last one was homosexuality (making everyone believe its common place/ everyone’s doing it/ it’s no big deal/ it’s normal/nothing wrong with it, etc). Now it’s the white and black couple thing, white man and black female primarily. Just look at all the TV shows, commercials, mags and all lately. This is what they are doing now. The ad here is actually is an anti-dating commercial for white women. To keep them away from black men. (Scare tactics)… See that’s NOT what they want, interracial dating is fine as long as it’s them dating who they want, but they don’t want white females dating black men. However, It’s not a huge problem if he has money because they know that’s a way of getting his wealth and bringing it back to them over all (as long as she sticks to the script.). And they always do…

      • Sean on said:

        Lol white men do just fine. And yes we have big dicks too at least most of us do and us strong Viking warrior men are proud great fathers and husbands and we sure sure the fuck have intelligence we fly spaceships to the stars while the black man invents peanut butter lol oh and white men make that money so I say Rock on with peanut butter sandwich and excuse me while I kiss the sky bwaaaa

      • Have you ever sought therapy? Sounds like you envy the White Man who invented everything you see-built all the buildings higher than a hut- invented metals-machinery-colonized the world- and the written language- All you have to show is Kim Jong Un’s propensity for stupidity since everything revolves around sex.

    • Just saying on said:

      Not! But it has sent the pale pasty skinned angry white man into orbit, and he’s pissed! You focus way too much on black women when you should be focusing on the angry white man. They’re not happy that white women continue to run from their own kind into the arms of a black man.


    • newagematureman on said:

      and it should so many black men will just play the stud for several black women and refuse to marry but will marry up to a white woman. no flames man i’v been married to a black woman who i meet in the hood before it was called such but we have not forsaken her original friends and try to help them when we can.

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