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We want people to do better in 2017.

When Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, Joseline Hernandez announced her pregnancy, she had everyone wondering if her “husband” Stevie J was the father. Then there were rumors of her partying and being irresponsible with her unborn child. And now, after an interesting baby shower, people are judging the reality star again.

On Saturday (Dec 10), Hernandez invited family, friends, media and a whole camera crew to her baby shower. At this said shower there were half dressed reality stars like Nikki “Baby” Mudarris, Yandy Smith, and Marilynn from New York’s Love and Hip Hop— in addition to strippers, who took off their clothing for the crowd.

“Sad times we’re living in,” said Chaka Khan commenting on the video. “Nothing is sacred…”

Are we surprised? The 30-something-year-old was a exotic dancer before becoming famous and she’s never been demure of the fact— not that she should be. #NoJudgementZone. But that doesn’t remove the sting of how inappropriate it is to have naked strippers putting their crotch in your face at the celebration of your soon-to-come child.

And social media agrees.

Joseline’s ex and alleged baby father, Stevie J is currently suing her for defamation after she accused him of molestation and devil worshipping, according to TMZ. She also reportedly called Georgia’s Division of Family & Children services accusing him of sexual abuse, according to the site.

We doubt all this mess, including the paternity of the child, will be cleared up before the baby arrives. But we hope the stress of everything happening doesn’t effect the child in any negative way.


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3 thoughts on “Huh?! Joseline Hernandez Had Strippers At Her Baby Shower

  1. People need to stop judging she paid for that not you guy’s you didn’t have to watch and she didn’t harm her child can people enjoy their lives and can others stop judging you can’t control everyone lives have fun hope you got lots of gifts

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