North Carolina teacher Lee Francis will continue to work in a warehouse, after the Cumberland County School Board upheld his suspension for stepping on the American Flag during a lesson on the First Amendment.

According to WNCN:

The Cumberland County School Board met Wednesday and decided to uphold the 10-day suspension without pay for Francis.

In an open session segment of the meeting, the board voted and sided with the superintendent with a 5 to 2 vote. Two board members were not present at the meeting.

Superintendent Dr. Frank Till said Francis is still a Cumberland County employee but assigned to a warehouse.

Till will look into the matter after the holidays, he confirmed.

Till said stepping on the American flag is not in the curriculum so Francis should not have done that.

Francis said he feels like he won’t be able to teach again and he will seek other legal remedies.


11/30/16- Roland Martin talks to Lee Francis, the black male teacher in Fayetteville, North Carolina who was suspended for stepping on an American flag during a teaching of the First Amendment. The fate of his professional teaching career will be found on today, Wednesday November 30th.

“it was not act of defiance at all. we were teaching about the American Revolution. We were going through each amendment and we get to the part about symbolic speech. I used the flag as a demonstration. It was a couple taps of my foot, I don’t deny that I stepped on it, but that was it. I was not in any way influencing them,” Francis said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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34 thoughts on “Teacher’s Suspension Upheld For Stepping On American Flag

  1. S.D. – North Carolina makes flag desecration a misdemeanor, but legal experts believe a prior Supreme Court decision overrides it and similar flag-protection laws in other states. BUT a lot of Blacks have died for that flag and as fucked up as America is – it’s still one of a few countries that a person can start a business & become financially successful for themselves and their family. We gotta keep battling the Alternative Right and all their racist propaganda. Check this article-

  2. Marcman, the teacher was not disrespecting the flag. He did what he did as an example of how the First Amendment is supposed to work….that even if you step on the flag, it is your personal expression and is protected by that amendment. And if you have listened to service personnel, active and retired, they have said that it is that very freedom that they have and continue to fight for everyday. And if the US Supreme Court has ruled that burning the flag is not a punishable offense, then what ground is this school board standing on.

  3. No matter what you do, black lives DON’T MATTER…. so what message is this sending to students? Where are the parents and students protesting this injustice. What a way to get rid of a black male role model.

  4. The teacher demonstrating a class project is not a reason to lose his teacher license for life. Black people and other people of color are always dealt with more harshly.

  5. Mr Francis has the right to step on the flag but doing it in a school environment is not the correct venue. He may a choice and now has to live with the consequence, positive or negative. A lot of African Americans died representing that flag in war & as an African American man I believe their memories need to be respected. The battle against racism & classism must continue but I don’t believe using the flag to protest is the correct way.

  6. I don’t ever hear anyone suggesting that Caucasians go back to Europe if they don’t like Blacks, or Latinos participating in the American dream. After all it’s my understanding that Native Indians were here first, and the Europeans paid like $1 for the land. Sounds like a deal Trump would pull off. It’s one thing to make $$ fair, and square, and another thing to rip people off.

  7. randolph braxton on said:

    lets turn this around , if this was a white teacher doing the same thing would he or she get the same thing , I don’t think so, be real the system is working against us.

  8. Barbara Dates on said:

    As well as it should, because if you don’t like the USA, please leave the country. Please don’t disrespect the FLAG.

  9. Angela R. on said:

    Where is it in the constitution that you can’t step on the flag? I’ve seen a lot of ppl not only stepping on it,but burning it, which he would have done after it hit the ground. He used the flag as a teaching aid.Am I missing something? What did he do wrong but teach?

  10. myragoodwin on said:

    I get Paid over £80 per hour working from home with 2 kids at house. I Never thought I would be able to do it but my best friend earns over £9185 a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless.


  11. angela venable on said:

    teacher in Cheltenham, PA told black students to stop bitching about being black and the school is concealing her identity. Sounds like she can take her opinion anywhere she wants.

  12. No, JHUF for all that these exchange of words with you is worth which is really not a lot, it’s people like you that can’t even post a comment without calling names that always has a problem with someone who has voiced their opinion, which that is their right to do and if some of you don’t like their opinion, you’re quick to ask someone or tell someone to leave this country. I will repeat again, you or anyone else can’t make anyone leave this country so you need not ask them or tell them to

    • You know I think the same thing when I hear/read the vile coming from the other side directed at conservatives and I say again I don’t ask or tell anyone to leave they state that on their on

  13. I am likely alone on this, but I equate burning or otherwise desecrating the U.S. flag with burning a cross…both symbolize an attempt to intimidate and interfere with a standard of peaceful existence I have come to enjoy…Just saying.

  14. Wondering if Mr. Francis could’ve accomplished his lesson (demonstration) just as effectively using a different type of flag, and simply telling his class “lets pretend this is the U.S. Flag”? I don’t believe doing so would’ve diminished his lesson to the class in any way, while ensuring he didn’t desecrate the flag simply to “make a point”. I personally am opposed to burning or otherwise desecrating the U.S. flag, HOWEVER I acknowledge the 1st Amendment right to do so, “for the purpose of communicating/expressing disdain for what it symbolizes”…

    • It’s you Libturds that boast about leaving the Country when you don’t like something
      I suggest living somewhere else so those of you who are CLUELESS about how fortunate you are to live in this Country can get some perspective on what real oppression is

  15. And Mac Ben when are you and so many other people that post comments on here and any other social media site understand that You can’t make anybody leave this country so you and many others need to stop asking or telling people to do so.

  16. Willie Clark on said:

    So it’s ok for a white college professor in the same area to denigrate the LGBTQ community and one person in particular but a black school teacher can’t have the right to teach amendment rights. As I always say the rule is cracker always right because he makes his own rules.

  17. Sylvania Driver on said:

    Anytime a person of color does anything out of the alternative status he or she has broken every law our Constitution provides , it’s always the conservative with all the correct answers to everything they never have an open mind when people of color decide to show action of expression, people this was a teaching moment there were nothing this Black man did that was damaging to our American values , if the conservatives are that concern about someone stepping on the FLAG when are getting a Sexual Predator and a stripper in the White House , where is the outrage that’s happening America greatest House !

    • As opposed to getting the wife of a sexual predator back in the white house?
      And I guess all the white people who have had their careers ended by saying things about Obama you seem to have forgotten them and how the constitution didn’t apply

  18. Cynthia Riddle on said:

    Not sure that was the best representation to do in a classroom, however, he is free to do that based on the first amendment. Suspension, a bit overboard. Hopefully he will be able to return to his job. His comment mentions he did not mean it to be an act of defiance, but a teaching tool/moment. Give the guy a break.

    • No Fool, the First Amendment does not give a teacher free reign to say whatever they want in the employment of the state or county. Would you be as willing to give a break to a white teacher using the N word in a teaching moment of slavery. Hell to the NAW
      Get to stepping with your shiggidy.

  19. Mr. Francis may have meant well but should have known that nothing in Amerykah’s Constitution applies to people of COLOR.

    African American’s were SLAVES when that POS document was written by those SLAVEOWNERS!!!!!!!

    Look for Chump to totally DISMANTLE the Constitution!!!!!!!!!

    • If nothing in theConstitution was meant for black people and Trump “totally dismantles” it then that is a good thing, correct? Or are you just in your feelings and know nothing about what you wrote??

      If you dont like living in America, then leave. There are millions of people who would love to take your place.

    • What kind of an ass hat dribble are you talking about? you have to go back to slavery
      to try and justify BS this Country has freed countless millions from tyranny as well as saved the lives of millions of people of color in Africa , if you think this country is so oppressive take your ass over to ANY country in Africa take up residence and see
      what despair and tyranny really is, we AA’s in this country have given in to the I’m a victim mentality

      • First thing, Make America Great Again, is a slogan your new President Elect copied from Adolph Hitler. He used, Make Germany Great Again, just before he began slaughtering people worldwide. Yes, your precious President Elect is a student of Hitler! Lets just see, when was America so great? Perhaps when blacks were slaves, latino were confined to Mexico, and women were barefoot and pregnant and had no vote or say so. You people know, but won’t admit, that this is when conservatives think America was so great so they helped elect a man who exemplifies these same visions. Be careful what you ask for!!!!!!!!!!

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