A Baltimore City school tutor faces felony charges for slamming a second-grader into a wall on Monday, WBAL-TV reports.

Travon Grayson, 7, was hospitalized with facial injuries that will require surgery, several missing teeth and multiple bruises, his mother, Lateekqua Jackson told the news outlet.

Travon told his parents that the tutor, Timothy Korr, “threw” him into a wall.

“My son had dreams about it all last night,” Jackson said. “He’s still shaking in his sleep, saying that he keeps having visions of (Korr) throwing him into a wall.”

She stated that the incident occurred when Korr was taking Travon to the main office for misbehavior. When Jackson arrived at the school, her son was in an ambulance, and his blood was on Korr’s clothes.

The tutor offered her a ridiculous explanation but admitted to making “ mistake.”

Police investigators watched a surveillance video, which showed Korr slamming Travon and then the boy’s body going limp. After examining video and other evidence they concluded that Korr committed a crime.

Authorities issued multiple charges, including felony child abuse, felony assault, reckless endangerment and neglect of a minor.

“It’s never appropriate to inflict this type of harm on a child,” a police spokesman said, according to WBAL-TV.

Baltimore City schools released a statement saying it’s cooperating with the authorities and wishing Travon a quick recovery, but underscored that Korr is not an employee.

Korr, 25, was an employee of the Baltimore Curriculum Project, which said in a statement that it fired him.


11 thoughts on “Baltimore Tutor Charged In Attack On Second-Grader

  1. DEBRA JEAN on said:


  2. This guy is squeaky clean and has been around these kids for some time. I don’t think it was intentional. I someone looking for a payday?

    • Just saying on said:

      Never an intelligent comment from you. People should be paid if something horrific happens like this. Why not? Whether black or white this little boy was harmed bad. He’s seven, and if the adult tutor had a problem, he should have taken a “time out” and removed himself from the classroom, asked someone else to come in until he got himself together. Instead, a little boy lost two teeth, and not naturally, busted lip and gums, in addition, to having a broken jaw. So, he’ll be eating through a straw for some time, and you have an issue with them getting paid. They should. He’ll need extensive dental work, and it’s very expensive and no one wants a jacked up mouth. No one knows how this little boys mouth will be as he starts to heal. They should sue. You always seem to seek out articles involving blacks so you can insult. We get it and we get you. Go sit your sorry @ss down somewhere fake @ss scholar. It’s a shame your parents didn’t sue the abotion clinic that birthed you half way through the pregnacy, b/c if they knew how you would have turned out, they surely would have been screaming for a pay day (Loan). Oops…to soon? ijs By the way…you comment on things individuals have no control over i.e. Lateekqua Jackson’s name. Why comment on the mom’s name? You just can’t help your dumb ass. You are just too stupid to have an intelligent convo with, and always calling yourself a scholar. That sh!t is funny! You’re funny as hell, you should have been a comedian. I had to go low on this Friday, scholar, couldn’t help myself. Have an effed up weekend b/c it’s obvious you and your life are miserable as hell. ijs

  3. I would assume the tutor is black, since the first thing that is published when a white is involved is their race. Never present when the assailant is black.

  4. This man should be charged with assault and battery, abusing a minor, and anything else that is on the law books. Plus his dad, granddad, uncle or any other male from this young childs family should pay him a visit and just plain handle him.

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