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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — A Charlotte police officer who shot and killed a black man at an apartment complex, touching off several nights of unrest in the city, will not face charges, a North Carolina prosecutor announced Wednesday.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg District Attorney Andrew Murray said Officer Brentley Vinson’s actions in killing Keith Lamont Scott were justified.

Scott’s family has said he was not armed.

However, at a lengthy news conference Murray displayed a nearby store’s surveillance video showing the outline of what appeared to be a holstered gun on Scott’s ankle, and he gave extensive details about other evidence that Scott was armed.

Plainclothes officers had gone to the complex about 4 p.m. on Sept. 20 looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they saw Scott — not the suspect they were looking for — inside a car with a gun and marijuana, department spokesman Keith Trietley has said in a statement.

Officers saw Scott get out of the car with a gun and then get back in, police said. When officers approached, they said, Scott exited the car with the gun again. At that point, officers deemed Scott a threat and Vinson fired his weapon.


Scott, 43, was pronounced dead at Carolinas Medical Center. An autopsy report from Mecklenburg County authorities says Scott died of gunshot wounds to the back and abdomen.

Vinson, who is also black, had been with the department for two years at the time of the shooting. He has been on administrative leave which is standard in police shootings.

Scott’s family has said he did not have a gun, but detectives recovered a firearm at the scene, police said.

At a Wednesday news conference, Murray played a nearby store’s surveillance video that appeared to show the outline of a gun in a holster on Scott’s right ankle.

Body camera and dashcam recordings released earlier by the police department did not conclusively show that and city officials were criticized for the length of time it took to release police video of the shooting.

Scott’s final moments also were recorded by his wife, Rakeyia, in a video shared widely on social media. She can be heard shouting to police that her husband “doesn’t have a gun.” She pleads with the officers not to shoot before a burst of gunfire can be heard.

The shooting led to two nights of violent protests, including a fatal shooting in downtown Charlotte the next night. The unrest gave way to several more days of largely peaceful demonstrations, and the city instituted a curfew for multiple nights.

In October, police in North Carolina’s largest city invited the Police Foundation, an independent, nonpartisan organization based in Washington, D.C., to review its policies and procedures following the shooting.

The foundation has done similar reviews elsewhere, assessing police in St. Louis County, Missouri, after the unrest in Ferguson, and analyzing the response to the terror attack in San Bernardino, California.

The case was among a series across the country since mid-2014 that has spurred a national debate over race and policing.

A trial is underway in Charleston, South Carolina, for a since-fired white patrolman, Michael Slager, facing 30 years to life if convicted of murder in the death last year of a black man, Walter Scott, shot while running from a traffic stop in April.

A Minnesota police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile during a July traffic stop remains free as a manslaughter case against him proceeds.

Deaths of other unarmed black males at the hands of law enforcement officers have inspired protests under the “Black Lives Matter” moniker.

The Black Lives Matter movement traces its roots to the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2012, and gained national ground after 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.

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31 thoughts on “No Charges For Charlotte Officer In Death Of Keith Lamont Scott



  2. Staywoke on said:

    His life won’t be in vain…his family will get paid for his death…too bad the right thing wasn’t done and the police officers(ssss) held accountable…

    • ResponsibilityInControl on said:

      Staywoke – the initial report on this story through various news outlets stated that this felon had drugs and a gun. His family reported he had a book and none of them were there or in the car. It was reported that he regularly parked there and smoked weed while waiting on his child to get off a school bus, bravo parenting there. And you know what it doesnt state Responsible in the law but I would say that common sense isnt granted to all. A weapon that is in a visible holster is not concealed. You know you keep defending this thug so let me pose this to you, how would you feel approached by this thug felon with a gun? Hypocrite! At no point should this man have been killed I want that to be clear but no one should make excuses that he died as a result of his own actions and decisions. Now the family is trying to find a way to sue smdh. He was given clear instructions and refused. So if he was approaching you and you told him to stop and he kept on coming at you what would you do your quick to say what the police should have done what would you do if you where alone?

      • STAYWOKE on said:

        The family SHOULD SUE…and you cant have it both ways..when you say…”LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR HE SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN KILLED”…which is exactly what I am saying…period…he shouldn’t have been killed and now they pay. The family will be compensated for the LIFE that was lost due to the negligence of the police officers. the police will pay…BULLETS KILL THE PERP….TASERS STOP THE PERP…IN THEIR TRACKS…he not complying give him a chance…not a funeral…That is not making excuses…that’s viewing him as a person not an animal

      • Staywoke on said:


        An initial report….same day….NO MENTION OF WEED…9/20/2016…SAME DAY OF THE MURDER….
        You should stop making excuses for the only People out there with TRAINING in these matters….you say what would I do if he is approaching me…(let’s not forget on my command…and approaching me with bus hands at his sides and BACKING UP)WHAT would I do…(let’s not also forget…at this moment I do not know he is a felon)…I would take the bloody fk out of him because he is not complying with dropping what I think I see in his hand…I would give him a chance…not take his life…see sir…he is a man..not a dog…we give animals more chances than men in this country…he NEVER took a threatening stance..never raised his arms to do anything he backing to the police to disarm him IF they really seen something…no I’m not a hypocrite…I’m a person…who see people for people not one group is better than the other…no excuses here sir only love for my fellow man

  3. This is normal behavior for a legally permitted gun carrying citizen according to Staywoke:
    Plainclothes officers had gone to the complex about 4 p.m. on Sept. 20 looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they saw Scott — not the suspect they were looking for — inside a car with a gun and marijuana, department spokesman Keith Trietley has said in a statement.
    Officers saw Scott get out of the car with a gun and then get back in, police said. When officers approached, they said, Scott exited the car with the gun again. At that point, officers deemed Scott a threat and Vinson fired his weapon.
    You need to get to steppin’ fool, your shiggidy ain’t playing here.

    • Staywoke on said:

      Larry…if you going to quote me quote me right…the INITIAL STORY…did NOT MENTION WEED….It said he was seen with a firearm…NOR DID I EVER SAY HIS BEHAVIOR WAS NORMAL…all the ghetto jargon you ended your comment with is beneath me…please explain what you mean…thanks…

    • Staywoke on said:

      Larry….a man backing up with his hands at his side is a threat….to who…the ten OFFICERS POINTING THEIR FIREARMS AT SCOTT….I can’t debate this issue anymore with non rational…self hating people…learn to love yourself and you will be able to see people for people and not their genetic markup…at the end of the day Scott was wrong…more wrong than two left shoes…BUT …he was a man…..a man….a man with problems whse life could have been spared if at least one of those cops gave a damn about his fellow man….that is my point…

  4. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    STAYWOKE – Read this carefully and every person in North Carolina should as well. Know the LAW! Yes NC is an open carry state but that in no means allow you to be irresponsible with a firearm. Sitting in a car with a firearm visible in your hand doing whatever, is irresponsible the gun should only be out if you need to defend yourself! Secondly this point trumps it all he was a felon and was not to have a weapon. So yes there was probable cause even with the weed but even more so when they noticed the pistol. OK if he had this TBI that is more reason for him not to have a weapon come on people! And obviously someone educated had to explain this to the family in an uneducated way so that they could understand it! I agree no charges.

    • STAYWOKE on said:

      ResponsibilityInControl you are talking in circles….The probable cause was in your words he was a felon…and for the HUNDRETH time I am going to repeat…AT THE TIME THAT HE WAS STOPPED THAT WAS NOT KNOWN. The law doesn’t read that you have to have your weapon hidden, as a matter of fact that would be concealed which is against the law in NC. You are not allowed to have a concealed deadly weapon… So you need to not only understand the law, stop trying to quote it. Good day to you and yours!

      • STAYWOKE on said:

        ResponsibilityInControl also let me make this perfectly clear….I IN NO WAY BELIEVE HE SHOULD OF HAD A WEAPON….I BELIEVE NO CIVILIAN SHOULD BE ABLE TO OPENLY CARRY A GUN FOR ANY REASON…HOWEVER THAT IS THE LAW. IN NC THEY GO EVEN FURTHER TO STATE THAT YOU CAN OPENLY CARRY YOUR FIREARM. THAT IS THE RULES THAT THEY ADOPTED, NOT ME. Mr. Scott shouldn’t of had a gun you are correct with a TBI or otherwise because he was a felon. MY POINT IS HE SHOULDNT BE DEAD AND MURDERED BY THE POLICE. I am sure it is not protocol to shoot someone who is not complying to the demands of the police, they have methods that are not inclusive of deadly force. So even though Mr. Scott did so many things questionable to contribute to his death, THE TRAINED POLICE OFFICER MURDERED HIM WITH NO ACCOUNTABLITIY. That is my point, he NEVER took a threatening stance against anyone…his hands were at his side the ENTIRE TIME. TASERS were made to stop a perpetrator, bullets were made to kill. STAYWOKE sir…

      • ResposibilityInControl on said:

        STAYWOKE – I did not say that it should have been hidden read my post a responsible and legal gun owner will have the weapon holstered until the time presents itself to be used trust and believe I know the LAW NO QUOTING HERE! And yes at the time that he was approached they didnt know if he was a felon I did not say that. What I am saying is that Mr. Scott knew he was a felon! And when you have drugs and a weapon that isnt something that should be overlooked by the police. Its easy to try to defend these grown azz men when they are harmed or killed but no one is defending them when they kill our own people rob our own people or harm our own people. We wouldnt care less had Mr Scott robbed someone in the community or killed someone in the community. They keep saying he was getting his life on track and doing the right thing, really ………..how does a felon with a gun and drugs factor into that. Thug does not equal saint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • STAYWOKE on said:

        ResponsibilityInControl…I too KNOW THE LAW, and your law seems to revolve around your feelings rather than proof. You clearly said in your post for me to READ IT CLEARLY, that the law means…The law is the law and it does not say A THING about RESPONSIBLE HANDLING…In FACT IT SAYS, “Open carry is also legal throughout North Carolina…No permit is required to carry a handgun openly in North Carolina….The state Constitution states, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”…NO WHERE DO I SEE RESPONSIBLE….and then you imposing on what Mr. Scott SHOULD HAVE KNOWN….We all know things that we do not HEED to and for you to speculate what his competency level is without EVER meeting him is beyond me, but you may have “special powers”. Bottom line, I was not retained to defend Mr. Scott or his family, therefore I have no obligation to DEFEND anyone….WHAT I am standing up to is what is right and what is wrong. Mr. Scott as I said was wrong to even have a gun, however the police were even more wrong for killing someone who got out the vehicle on their order, backed up with his hands to his sides and NEVER POSED A REAL DANGER….that is murder. Now it may be your job to only see the bad in the black man in this situation…but you need to also see the wrong in the BLUE MAN too…

      • STAYWOKE on said:

        I forgot to address this statement…What I am saying is that Mr. Scott knew he was a felon! And when you have drugs and a weapon that isnt something that should be overlooked by the police”….The law of NC states having an weapon is not probable cause for detainment…and as far as the “DRUGS” go….They conveniently were not mentioned until DAYS later. IF HE WAS SITTING THERE SMOKING A BLUNT AS LARRY SAID, DO YOU NOT THINK THEY WOULD HAVE MENTIONED THAT DAY ONE??? They mentioned that as they didn’t find the WEED until later. Any crime that Mr. Scott had violated would have been mentioned on Day one of the riots….but they waited until days later to mention that. How convenient….

    • Staywoke on said:

      You said you didn’t mean hidden but you say it shouldn’t be out unless its being ready to use…out from where???? Concealment???

  5. Are you Peeps confusing this case with that of Walter Scott, who deemed it a wise decision to bolt from his busted azz Mercedes during a traffic stop and exacerbate it by grabbing for a Peace Officers gun, while again, ignoring the officer’s legal commands?

    • ResponsibilityInControl on said:

      I think people are confusing these two cases, both where the wrong decisions were made. The guy decided to run from his car, if you are not fast enough to escape an officer on foot why run? That is a lack of common sense on his part then he tried to run again it didnt work the first time why again. The cop that is responsible for his death should be charged to the max. And send a message.

    • ResposibilityInControl on said:

      Comment not needed ” who deemed it a wise decision to bolt from his busted azz Mercedes during a traffic stop “

  6. The only one with no respect for his life was Mr. Scott himself. Convicted felon with a gun, smoking weed in the middle of a workday, and disobeying police officers repeated command to drop the gun. His wife reported him with a gun threatening the family just weeks before. He had a gun, not a book, so stop that shiggidy. The more you excuse this thuggish behavior, the more your neighborhoods are threatened. The DA and the Scholar are closing the book on this one. The officer acted properly within the law and his training parameters. Mr. Scott gambled irresponsibly with his life and lost it.

    • STAYWOKE on said:

      Larry, so nice of you to point out facts that as I mentioned were not known at the time of the initial stop, so to sit and mention all these things after the fact seems relevant, but not really as there was no reason to stop Mr. Scott. Lets take for instance a similar incident that happened in the same state. A young man walked into a church and SLAUGHTERED NINE law abiding church members. This man was armed and had murdered nine people and not only was he treated with DIGNITY, he was treated to Burger King. His “gamble” of murdering nine people, trumps smoking weed ANYDAY…but low and behold….Not only did he get fed, HE STILL HAS HIS LIFE….go figure.

      • No reason to stop Scott? He was already stopped. Cops pulled up and parked near him to serve a warrant on an unrelated thug. They witnessed a gun in Scotts car and him smoking a blunt. There was every reason to ask him to step out of his vehicle. The reason I mention his wife reporting his aggressive behavior weeks prior, is that she knew damn well he had a gun at the scene as she Live tweeted his demise. She was lying, and the facts prove that. He had no book either as she claimed.
        What Dylan Roof did was evil, pure and simple. When he was apprehended, he did not have the weapon, nor any weapon on him, nor did he resist the officers orders. He surrendered peacefully. Huge difference. He will pay the price for his crime as he should.

      • STAYWOKE on said:

        Larry, your self loathing is deeper than I have time for. Let me just say, your first hand account differs from the actual officer who murdered Mr. Scott. The officer said, “Murray said officers were on an unrelated call when they saw Scott parked in his SUV. They ordered him to exit his vehicle after seeing him hold up a semiautomatic handgun, Murray said.” WEED WAS NOT MENTIONED AT THIS POINT, HOWEVER CONVENIENTLY WAS ADDED LATER. NC IS AN OPEN CARRY STATE…WHICH MEANS…North Carolina is a traditional open carry state. You MAY open carry in a motor vehicle. This means they had no probable cause, ENTER WEED AFTER THE FACT. Also after the fact is Mr. Scotts criminal history…and let us not forget MEDICAL HISTORY…which identifies his TBI….As I stated earlier, deadly force was not necessary even with him not following commands, that is why they have tasers, and he did not make any threatening moves towards the officers…He didn’t have to be murdered. PERIOD…. Furthermore, what really allows me to see your hatred of self is when you can find justice in the wrongful shooting of Walter Scott. In case you didn’t know, the police officer was charged in that incident. When someone can take a critical look at a situation and not see where there is injustice, identifies themselves as weak and spineless and needing to hop on the bandwagon to appear smart…Too bad for you that is an epic fail.

  7. Staywoke on said:

    Can we please stop making this about race…The officer that murdered Mr. Scott was black as well. This is about right and wrong. ResponsibilityInControl, you made very good points….HOWEVER….the real question you should not only ask others, but also yourself is WHAT WAS THE PROBABLE CAUSE TO DETAIN MR SCOTT? He was in his vehicle at which point was approached because the police officer said he saw a gun…Which NC is an open carry state, so what he had a gun…When the officer approached Mr. Scott, he didn’t know ANYTHING about his FELONY or his CONVICTIONS….he was approached simply…JUST BECAUSE. THAT IS WHAT MAKES THIS A TRAVESTY. We can look back and say a whole lot of stuff on hindsight, however acting as a first responder, putting yourself in the moment of the initial stop, THERE WAS NO JUSTIFYABLE REASON….He gets out the car, they see a holster on his ankle…tell him to drop the gun, however his hands are EMPTY…he is however not complying to the commands….SHOOT HIM??? Is that the protocol? How bout using the TASER that is conveniently hooked to the hip…How about showing this man some decency and listen to his wife who says he has a TBI, He just took his MEDICATION…Maybe he is not in the right state of mind…lets tase him since he is not dropping the IMAGINARY gun that we keep hollering at him to drop. Stop making this seem as if this is normal…THAT MAN WAS SHOT IN THE BACK…PERIOD…COLD BLOOD

  8. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    L – you know its sad that our grown azz men cant stay out of trouble and do the right thing to this guy had an ankle holster on which was noticed in video from a store did the cops plant that too? He was a convicted FELON was he supposed to have a gun? No. He threatened to kill his wife and family with the same gun its in police reports filed by her was that planted too? He wouldnt have died had he not been in possession of an firearm that he knew he wasnt supposed to have to begin with.

  9. Shooting a civilian in the back is not JUSTIFIED–OBVIOUSLY THE PERSON WAS RUNNING AWAY!!!!!!!!

    I don’t believe that Mr. Scott was armed. Pigs have been known to “plant” weapons at crime scenes to bolster their cases.

    So sad, that our fathers, brothers, nephews, etc. are being SLAUGHTERED in urban streets by those who have been sworn to PROTECT AND SERVE!!!!!!!!!!

    BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER TO RACIST PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • L you remind me of the students from the South side that arrived at our school the first day of integrated bussing. We all knew within 2 periods that they were no match intellectually for us. I’m sure those 2 classes were math and science. I have a new mantra for you, if you don’t have anything intelligent to say, don’t say anything at all.


      • Staywoke on said:

        well that is not stopping you from speaking your stupidity Larry…maybe you should practice what you preach…and to be honest Larry…my pet rock seems to be way more intellectual than you will ever be…so your intellect level is not a good comparison for any situation…I’m just saying…

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