Ray J has lowered the hammer on his ex Kim Kardashian in a new track titled “Famous,” which, yet again, references their sex tape that catapulted her career.

The track, featuring Chris Brown, surfaces nearly a month after word leaked that the two were in the studio working on a response to Kardashian, Kanye West and others.

“You can’t fault me and Chris for responding to all the things that have been done about us [in the media] over the last few months,” Ray J told Billboard at the time, likely referring to Kanye’s own “Famous” song, which sported a music video that featured a naked Ray J body double.

Apparently very upset by this portrayal, Ray J dropped his latest single on Apple Music on Monday…and he did not hold back.

“She f-ck me for fame, look in her eyes/She was the first one to sign on the line,” Ray J raps, insinuating that Kim knew full well what she was doing when she allowed him to film their sexual encounter. He’s claiming the plan all along was to release this sex tape and cash in on future fame and royalties.

“Look at the family, they walk around proud/All because she had my dick in her mouth,” he raps.


“Wanna have me in bed while you f-ckin’ your spouse,” Ray J continues in the song. “Shows that you still a rat and your man Mickey Mouse.”

Some may question the timing of this release, just six weeks after Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. Also, Kanye was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation just hours after the track went viral.

In 2013, Ray J covered this same sex tape territory in a track titled, “I Hit It First.”


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