Soul Train Awards 2011 - Arrivals

Source: Rick Diamond / Getty

Season 4 of ‘Sweetie Pie’s’ returns with Miss Robbie and family reeling from the death of her grandson, Andre Montgomery.

21-year-old Andre was shot and killed in St. Louis back in March, in an incident that is being called a ‘set up,’ according to TMZ. 

In this super teaser, we see the family come together to mourn the tragedy and face the past.

Tim is working diligently to expand the ‘Sweetie Pie’s’ brand, causing tension between him and his mom Miss Robbie, who ends up filing a lawsuit against her own son. In between running a business, and keeping her family tight, Miss Robbie returns to her singing roots and begins working on new music.

Despite all the drama, the family continues to work together to let the business thrive and keep their family bonds strong.

Season 4 premieres Saturday, November 19th on OWN at 9/8c.

Take a look:

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