The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reported Tuesday that more than 400 incidents of harassment or intimidation have occurred since Donald Trump won the presidential election last week.

More than 130 of the incidents were anti-immigrant involved, according to SPLC. Anti-black incidents and anti-LGBTQ incidents were also reported in high numbers.

Most harassment occurred in K-12 schools, followed by businesses and universities.

The SPLC said it based its report off information from news reports, social media and direct submissions to the group, reports The It did not follow-up to confirm reports made through individual submissions.

Confirmed reports from NBC News include: The words “Trump Nation, Whites Only” found written on the walls of the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour in Silver Spring, Md. on Sunday; A campus safety alert issued Sunday by the University of Michigan after a Muslim student told police a white male said he would “set her on fire,” if she didn’t remove her hijab; and a police investigation of graffiti reading “Make America White Again,” on the wall of a softball field in New York, which appeared just hours after Trump won the election.

According to the FBI’s annual “Hate Crime Statistics” report released Monday, 2015 saw a 6 percent increase in hate crimes. Almost 60 percent of those hate crime victims were targeted because of their race or ethnicity.

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4 thoughts on “Over 400 Hate Crimes Reported Since Trump Election

  1. FallMornings on said:

    Larry. Yes, he did forgo the salary for I believe one dollar per year. I noticed the news media oulets did not report or over report on this. They are very one sided as were they during the election season. They made Hillary look like the darling of America. She’ll ride down on her horse and save America. Every article regarding Trump was NEVER positive. Worked, so many are still in their feelings over his win. Well, they have two choices, stay and see what happens or leave.

  2. You’d actually have to go to a legitimate news outlet for this, but did anyone notice that Trump has turned down a Presidential salary of $400K. Insisting on doing the job of serving his country for free? L, any comments?

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