Understandably, there are many Americans who are still highly emotional over the presidential election of Donald Trump and that means that statements from public figures regarding the election are even more highly scrutinized than usual. Oprah Winfrey found this out the hard way when she recently shared her thoughts on President Obama and Trump sitting down together for their first meeting. Many felt her statements sounded like an endorsement or favor for the president-elect and they quickly took to social media to voice their concerns.

Winfrey quickly addressed the backlash she received over her Trump comments to ensure her fans that they got her statement confused. While speaking during a Q&A with director Ava DuVernay for her remarkable documentary film The 13th, Winfrey clarified her remarks. The Huffington Post reported from the event.

During a Q&A between Winfrey and DuVernay after a screening of the documentary “13th,” Oprah addressed the backlash to her tweet, reportedly telling the crowd, “Y’all heard about my tweet problems?” according to Entertainment Weekly. In the discussion, Winfrey expanded upon her initial tweet and acknowledged her mistake in calling for a unified response to an incredibly divisive moment in American history. 

“I couldn’t breathe after the election,” she said. “I was expecting tension, awkwardness, and strain … so when I saw them sitting together, I actually took a picture of the screen that said ‘President-elect Trump honored to meet Obama.’ And President Obama was being so gracious, and I heard Donald Trump say, ‘He’s a good man.’ I heard Donald Trump say, ‘I’m going to be seeking his counsel.’ I literally went [deep breath], ‘I can breathe now.’” 

Winfrey continued, “My mistake, and this is what I know to be true: You can never talk about everybody … Even in your arguments with your husband and your children. Don’t talk about what you should do, what you ought to do — you can only speak for yourself. So what I should have said was, ‘I just took a breath.’” The media icon also admitted that if she could do it again, she’d likely change the hashtag to #CivilityLives instead of #HopeLives because the transition of power was “more civil than I expected it to be.”

PHOTO: Oprah Winfrey Instagram

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4 thoughts on “Oprah Winfrey Responds To Backlash Over Recent Trump Comments

  1. FallMornings on said:

    Why is Oprah apologizing? According to what she said, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Maybe there was more to the tweet than posted. @Blackmaleya41. His supporters don’t need to fact check him, apparently everyone else is. Why didn’t everyone fact check Obama? Am I to believe everything he said was correct?

  2. williaml on said:

    People need to get over the fact that Trump won the election. We need to get behind our leadership! Hillary Clinton along with Obama has committed high Treason, she Never should have run for President and Obama Failed his Oath of office. Besides that, the Democrat Party had Never done anything good for Blacks. It has always been the democrats that has kept us down in everything from equal rights, voting, Jim Crow law, segregation, etc. Why are we still stuck on stupid supporting a political party that plays us for fools? Malcom X put it his way, we have been “political chumps”

    • blackmaleya41 on said:

      If you started fact checking Trump, you would see that the majority of what comes out his mouth are lies and misinformation. He even has other world leaders concerned about him and his administration. What I personally can’t get over is that Trump’s supports won’t fact check the guy.

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