Oprah Winfrey at Essence Empowerment Experience

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Here’s the real deal: Many of us are still enraged about Donald Trump becoming president-elect.

Shoot.. many of us refuse to even call him the President of the United States come January. But anger, doesn’t erase reality. And the reality is, if all goes according to his plan, we’ll have to deal with a Trump administration for the next four years.

For some of us this means being critical and on-edge for his entire tenure. But for others, they’ve taken a more hopeful approach to the whole thing. But sometimes hopeful comes off as affirming when dealing with such a serious matter.

Enter, our beloved Oprah Winfrey.

When asked by the Entertainment Tonight about Trump’s meeting with President Barack Obama to tour the White House on Thursday she said, “I just saw president-elect Trump with President Obama in the White House and it gave me hope. To hear president-elect Trump say he had respect for Obama, he had reached a moment where he was humbled by that experience. And to hear President Obama say he has a new confidence in a peaceful transition— I think everybody can take a deep breath. Take a deep breath now!”

Later, she doubled down on the statement, tweeting, “Everybody take a deep breath! #HopeLives!”

But instead of embracing her kumbaya vibe, the internet exploded in upset over her “hopeful” rhetoric.

While we see where Winfrey is coming from, it was too early and a little to rosy to think from one meeting all will be well. Especially if we consider all the disgusting rhetoric used against Obama by Trump.

It’s also dangerous to gloss over years of racist epithets and misogynist beliefs, for the good of moving on. Because what good is being president or president-elect if we don’t hold the individual accountable for their past actions?

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36 thoughts on “Oprah Winfrey’s Trump Comments Enrage Social Media

  1. Paul Fishman on said:

    Oprah Winfrey is the Supreme Queen of Vanity. She says, “Look at me now!” ” I am bigger than life itself!” “Praise me! Praise me!” ” For I am annointed!”

  2. Obama says “Accept the election results” and hardly anyone has anything to say. Oprah says she has “hope” based on what Obama said and receives “backlash” as a result. I smell a double standard.

  3. I’m sad but there nothing I can do about it I got out there and vote and got everyone I could out so if you didn’t vote this one on you Deal with it for 4year!!!!

      • Donna BN on said:

        I would like to reply to all that think Trump will do the right thing for the American people, you are fooling yourselves. This man showed us each day during the campaign what he was about. Check out who he has on his team. If you do not know where Trump stands you know where the rest of them stand (Christy, Bannon, and Rudie to name a few. Maybe if he chose a well-rounded team to advise him I might have hope.

  4. ellieah on said:

    Oprah got wealthy and famous by pandering to white folks and making them feel comfortable in their skin. She has always excused the bad behavior of white men. She is part of the billionaires club so she’ll always be on their side. All you black people who think Oprah and Tyler Perry care about you had better wake up. They only use and exploit African Americans for ratings and money. They never cared about us.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    Oprah’s support of Obama didn’t influence my vote for him and as a matter of fact had absolutely nothing to do with her. When I went to the polls I didn’t say to myself, this one is for you Oprah. I couldn’t care any less who she supported or supports. One thing is for certain, she is seen the same as me in God’s eyes. Her riches doesn’t influence him either. She won’t be able to buy her way into his kingdom or make him like her anymore. Sure she is a generous and charitable person, but she has it to give so…
    Her feeling the way she does about the orange hitler doesn’t make me want to like or support him either. He is all the things he himself has said about him as well as many others, not a good person and definitely not fit or qualified to lead our country. But yall have spoken so now we have to live with it. He is not the one I will be looking to for guidance and leadership, no man is.

  6. redbone1954 on said:

    I really don’t know how this will affect me at this time but one thing I do know God is still on the throne and I will look to him and not the goverment to be my help and salvation and protect me as he always has. Thak you Lord!

  7. When Oprah enthusiastically supported Obama in ’08 and ’12, y’all applauded and praised her. Now that she is not locked step with the left, she is a traitor. The democrat party does not care about black America. The party only shows it’s ugly head every 4 years to pander and be one of us. Obama did not nothing for black folks, but sell us snake oil.

    • Zoemax49 on said:

      Chris, please don’t fool yourself, Trump with is bigoted ways (chief of staff has ties to white supremacies groups) WILL BE A HUGH STEP IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. It’s interesting how people feel President Obama was suppose to only help Black America, he’s the President of All America. Hopefully, you voted so that your opinion is legit

      • What ties to white supremacist groups does Trump Have? True D. Duke did endorse him BUT he has no control over that no more than Hilary has over her endorsements. I saw the interview where both Trump and one of his sons denounced D. Duke, And let’s not forget Obama’s ties to Rev. Wright and Bill Ayres,
        Conservatives predicted the country would collapse and liberals labeled them fear-mongers

      • Danielle on said:

        He has not done anything for us. NOT one time did he speak out regarding Black Lives Matter! But he had a lot to say when those kids in Sandy Hook were killed. God rest their souls..The Hispanics have a Supreme Judge and the LGBT community now have more privileges or rights. What does the Black Community have in the past 8 years?? Just name 1.

    • MariAnne Bolton on said:

      Chris: Presidents Obama DID do something for us……He proved to Black men, women, and children that we can accomplish ANYTHING in this country that a White person can, if we put our minds to it and work hard at with integrity!!!

    • Danielle on said:

      Chris you are so right! He has not done anything for us. NOT one time did he speak out regarding Black Lives Matter! But he had a lot to say when those kids in Sandy Hook were killed. God rest their souls..The Hispanics have a Supreme Judge and the LGBT community now have more privileges or rights. What does the Black Community have in the past 8 years?? Just name 1.

      • Ginny Kane on said:

        Black people only group people waiting for the white man to do something for them. Waiting on a black knight to save them. Get up and do something for yourselves. Slavery on the physical plantations is over. Get up and start doing for yourselves. More black millionaires and billionaires and every black college in America about ready to close it doors because many black people will not give back. Waiting on the white man to save them.

  8. And that’s exactly why Oprah is in the billionaire boys club while you all are in the hundred-aire disdain club hollering about someone being a naive Uncle Tom. You’re ignorant and your ignorance is going to keep you where you are in life.

    • Thanks Lie, your majesty, for explaining why we’re all failures and you’re successful! Oprah’s been white for a long time, that is who she focuses on. Her money will never cause me to agree with anything she says. I live a pretty good life..thank you ma’am. Anything that I don’t have, I probably don’t need. Also let me remind you that money doesn’t make you smart or someone others have to follow as their leader. Also, as a spiritual man, I remember reading somewhere that it’s harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, than for a camel…….

      • Was she white when she was supporting Obama? What about the school she opened in Africa? What about her financial support of HBCU’s? You’re right. Her money doesn’t make her smarter or more successful or someone worth following. But her actions do which is why she will continue to have more influence than you ever will. And everybody that’s rich ain’t going to hell. Talk to kings Solomon and David since you’re quoting scripture. Don’t try to go there with me. You’re obviously unequipped.

  9. I will hold nothing but disdain for him until he’s out of office. Hopefully that will be in 4 long years. This nut isn’t ready to take on this job. He’s unfit and incompetent. This country is going to crater around us as he put white supremacist in his cabinet.

  10. Oprah is naïve to think that Chump has changed his rhetoric and is now going to represent
    EVERYONE as the next president.

    As much HATRED and vitriol this POS spewed-how can we not believe that there will be more of the same????

    Leopards never change their stripes!

    CHUMP is a turd-you cannot polish nor shine a turd-IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!

  11. What’s interesting is this, First that I was so so shocked that Donald had even won, but my mind said, if Hillary’s email was being hacked into, as well as some people in the Democratic Party, why would not the elections be hacked into as well. there was a concern with the media about this very issue, but it was never followed up on as a threat to our election process. But I was just over whelmed even more, when the results came in by category, and that Blacks over all did not come in with large numbers, when women came out in close to 50 percent or more, I thought my god, Did these women who voted for Donald see or hear the news about this recording Donald did with his voice on how he assaults women, with his own words, I just assumed these women who voted for Donald despite of, would understand the seriousness of these charges, and other personal issues to say with logic, this is someone I cannot support, but it was total opposite. Bill Cosby is looking at 45 plus years for women who alleged bill taking advantage of them, but we are giving a free pass to Donald Trump with similar allegations, and worse. After the tears with Hillary and the rest of folks I prayed like I have never prayed before, I felt like something had happen so wrong that we have not seen the consequences of it all just yet. As Trump is putting his transitional team together, and have a respectable visit with President Obama, I began to have a little hope. When Trump was willing to keep some changes in the obama care, and make changes in other areas, my hope scale began to get larger with a little more hope. God said to me, he is a version of you, like so many others, who are rough diamonds in the mist, no matter how old or young they are, he has similar issues. So of course I questioned God, and said,” I’m nothing like this man, not even close” so the next statement from god was this, yeager there was a time in you early life that you were a mess, no one wanted to be near you, but you grew up, and out from things that were not good. You have many angels on this earth who helped you to becoming the diamond you are today. Stop being blinded by his wealth and now there is something in his core, you relate to. He’s not any other president he is there to teach others like what was done for you. Have patience with him, send prayers of love and light for him, not the negativity he is currently putting out to the world, he needs your blessing, your love, and patience allow him to receive that without your consequences, nor judgements. Treat him, the way you were treated.” He cannot harm you, don’t give over to that energy in thinking that he can”. ” so in a nut shell, don’t give over your power so easily. You have worked too hard, and been through too much to just give it away. give him the same chance that was given to you, regardless of his past issues, and current. The more love, and prayers you give over to him, and his team you will see positives changes that will take place in front of you as he goes through his path on this earth.

  12. Because my brain is trying to grasp and a understanding why Donald Trump was elected president regardless of his personal issues, I’m open to hearing from Oprah what she thinks about this nightmare that I did not see coming. I wished even during the campaign that Oprah would have come out in public in supporting Hillary. Moreover, where does Hillary go from here, and how can folks like us, help her through the next faze in her life.

  13. Ya’ll can get mad if you want to. Oprah ain’t no dummy. She didn’t get to where she is in life by worrying about the opinions of others. She has fought many battles and now she is in the club. Either get like her or shut up. And I don’t see this site reporting about how fast Jay Z and Beyoncé deleted their support for Hillary. You hypocrites kill me. That’s why you’re where you are and she’s where she is. And until you learn the right way to think, you will remain where you are.

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