This is definitely the best “Mannequin Challenge” thus far.

Starring Torrei Hart and other cast members from the film Black In Blue – the thought provoking video is the perfect combination of social awareness and art.

Watch it below.

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11 thoughts on “The ‘Black Lives Matter’ Themed Mannequin Challenge You Need To See

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    • Ten bucks that would be better spent as a donation at the local library, food bank, homeless shelter, breast cancer awareness, children’s hospital……I could go on for hours and spending ten bucks on a silly ass t-shirt would never even make the list.

    • Boycott all you want it won’t stop the inauguration. Your time would be better spent concentrating on doing whatever it takes to make your life better, instead of engaging in activities that won’t make a whit of difference in your everyday goings on. Millions of people voted against Obama, yet no one took to the streets to “protest” his victory. When did we get to be such a nation of whiny asses?

      • even funnier Trump will not be able to fulfill any of campaign pledges, he is already backing down on repealing Obama care, the US does not have the extra money or manpower to deport over 3 mill. aliens. The real funny part is that national media said there was an increase in uneducated people voting, that means that people do not know American Government, especially the Presidency works. keep your eyes open as well as your mind, you may just learn something in the next 4 yrs

      • The national media also said that Hillary was a shoe in for the office of POTUS. Don’t believe everything the media spoon feeds you. Take your own advice and you just may learn something in the next four years.

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