The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies has released a new poll on Black voter enthusiasm with just five days left until Election Day.

According to the survey on African-American voter enthusiasm, 84 percent of Blacks said the outcome of the 2016 presidential election is more important when compared to the outcome of other presidential elections; 85 percent of Latinos and 83 percent of Whites share the same or similar views.

When Black voters were asked about their intentions to vote:

  • 76 percent of those age 18-29 plan to vote
  • 84 percent ages 30 to 39 plan to vote
  • 90 percent ages 40 to 54 plan to vote
  • 89 percent ages 55-64 plan to vote
  • 97 percent of Black folks 65 and older plan to vote

On the question of whether they would be voting for Hillary Clinton or against Donald Trump:

  • 44 percent of Blacks age 18-29 said they would be voting for Clinton
  • 56 percent said they would be voting against Trump
  • 36 percent of the 30 to 39 age group said they would be voting for Clinton
  • 64 percent said they would be voting against Trump.
  • Majority of Blacks age 40 and older said they would be voting for Clinton rather than against Trump

Spencer Overton, President of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss his organization’s survey and said, “A lot of young Black voters are undecided about whether or not they’re going to vote.”

It would appear as though Black millennial voters are balking at the lack of clear policy initiatives and discussion on important issues to their community. “There is a stark difference between White Trump voters and Black Clinton voters on issues like, is there a lot of discrimination among police, is sentencing too harsh, [and] should we increase health care spending?” he said. “This notion of focusing on issues that are important to folks of color is key.”

Digging deeper into the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies’ survey, Overton said, “People are not as enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton as they were about President Barack Obama.” While 67 percent of African-Americans questioned said they liked President Obama, only 29 percent say they like Clinton.

Avis Jones-DeWeever, Leadership Strategist and Author of How Exceptional Black Women Lead, said, “Black millennial voters are less likely to identify with either party and the issue is that they don’t believe that the system works.”

The NewsOne Now panelist made a very interesting assessment of the political pulse of young Black voters: “It’s almost as if they’re arguing the same thing that Trump is arguing that the whole system is rigged, the system doesn’t work, and so why even care.”

Watch Roland Martin, Spencer Overton, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies’ survey on Black voter enthusiasm in the video clip above.


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4 thoughts on “Is African-American Voter Enthusiasm Down?

  1. after 8 years of “hope and change ” blacks only hope we have change in our pockets, we talk about police killing us and say nothing of the genocide we are bringing on ourselves Obama promised 1000’s of “shovel ready jobs” when he took office we now have the highest rate of foodstamp, unemployment, and disability payouts ever, new jobs are mostly in the service sector Trump has employed 10’s of thousands in the construction and operation of his business now that’s shovel ready, Obama said he would end the war he’s quietly sending more troops in,
    people love to tout Trump as a racist… how about those racist DNC e-mails that cost Debbie Schultz her job…I can see black voter enthusiasm down like uneducated lemmings continuing to support someone that only comes around every 4 years it can be depresing

  2. Alvarojumb on said:

    Встреча завершилась со счетом 5:1 (1:0, 0:1, 4:0). В составе россиян дубль оформил Анатолий Голышев (14-я, 54 минута), по шайбе забросили Андрей Светлаков (50), Никита Гусев (59) и Владимир Ткачев. Единственный гол в составе финнов забил Миро Аалтонен на 32-й минуте.

    В следующем матче, котаарый пройдет 5 ноября, россияне сыграют против шведов.

  3. Black people, please get out and vote. We can not have this racist white guy in the white house, he is for Stop and Frisk, he thinks it is ok for Police to beat us even if we are innocent, and who has the backing of the KKK. You may not like Hillary, but you do not want this guy to be your president. He promises jobs without saying what kind, as well as why he has his manufacturing jobs overseas putting their people to work. He could also send you to war over a mere, someone did not say something nice to him. Please vote.

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