Lil Wayne Laughs At ‘Black Lives Matter’ In Interview

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Source: Taylor Hill / Getty

Lil Wayne ruffled a lot of feathers with his most recent interview where he dismissed the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. The ‘Young Money’ rapper told Nightline that ‘Black Lives Matter,’ which has mobilized many Black Americans against police brutality and discrimination, has ‘nothing to do with him.’

At first he said he hasn’t heard of the movement, despite having called the movement out during a concert in August. Then he went on to dispute the importance of the activism group, saying his success is proof that his life matters.

Take a look:

But he wasn’t singing that tune about a couple months ago:


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3 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Mocks ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement; Rob & Chyna Delivery Special & More…

  1. Dis my thing how Angela yee and Dj Envy trying to save face for “Lil Idiot ” .Wen TI check his ass!!! Yo TI is a real reality raper!! So wen he check “Lil Shithead” He TI on sum real shit!! Unlike like “Lil bitch made”

  2. Sweetpea747 on said:

    Peoples got to understand Lil Wayne is not in his right mind with some much illegal substance in his systems he don’t know half the time if he dead or alive, he’s in a state of mind where nothing matter to him only that he’s so-called rich and Fu**k everyone else. He need to realize that he is still black and the same things that is happening to other blacks can happen to him regardless how much money he has, but it’s sad to hear him say the things that he did but it only show how ignorant he is…….Off with his HEAD is how i feel!

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