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One of the great things about social media is that questionable acts, occurrences and news get appropriately dragged when necessary.

The latest recipient of social media ridicule is luxury retailer Neiman Marcus for selling collard greens for a whopping $66, excluding the $15 shipping fee.

Yes, you read that right. Collard greens, which can be found at any local grocer for far less, are being sold by Neiman Marcus for close to $100 once all fees are calculated.

Right on cue, as soon as social media got word of this they had a field day with a humorous collection of statuses and memes to wrap their heads around what Neiman’s was thinking. The collard greens are part of the store’s annual holiday catalog and if the social media reception is any indication, they might not be a big seller this year. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has further details about the collard green calamity.

Via AJC:

Collard greens for 80 bucks? Twitter isn’t having it. We posted a little item earlier about Neiman Marcus’ high priced collards and social media promptly lampooned the notion.

To recap, [Neiman Marcus] advertises [collard greens] for $81.50. The batch serving eight to 10 diners is $66 (plus $15.50 for the delivery) and is available on its website. They’re [advertised as being] “seasoned with just the right amount of spices and bacon” and shipped cooked and frozen. [All] you [have to do is] just heat them up and serve. Note they can’t be shipped Saturday, Sunday, Monday or holidays – so plan ahead.

If the collard greens don’t tempt your palate, Neiman Marcus also has a broccoli cheese casserole on sale for $65 (plus $15 for shipping) and a baked potato casserole for $52.50 (plus $15.50 for shipping.) Um yeah, I think we’ll stick to our mother’s or grandmother’s collard greens that cost a lot less and surely taste much better.

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19 thoughts on “Neiman Marcus Is Selling Collard Greens For $66 In Their Holiday Catalog

  1. Race baiter, get your trump hump loving tail somewhere and start digging another hole to hide your head in. We don’t want to hear, or think about anything that is relative to you!!

  2. Drucilla vance on said:

    Lol!!! I sell greens for three fifty. My greens are tall bunch. That’s alot of money or greens like that.😂😂😂got to be drugs in it.

  3. Angietangie on said:

    hey peter you are like the shit that gets stuck on the bottom of my shoes, you are like the shit that I pass out of my ass. you smell like my grandson shitty diaper. You are a piece of unrecognizable shit that is found on the side of the road…. I bet your dad screwed a black woman and your mama f*&Ked a black man. now shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Breezy on said:

    What a sucker punch to consumers. we might fall for anything–convenience or not-probably not even good–they don’t look appetizing at all.

  5. This store is crazy. I can get Collar Green here for $4.00 a bunch and if I go to my friend’s daddy farm, I can get them from even cheaper.

  6. None of the people pitchin’ a bitch about the price shop at Neiman’s anyway. Them collards will sell out quicker than Patti’s Sweet Potato Pies sold out at Wally World.

  7. For $66.00 those collards better be damn good!!!!!!!

    I wonder what white person thought of this brilliant idea? They need to lose their job!!!!!

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