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Kirk Franklin took home the prestigious Gospel Artist Of The Year award at the 48th Annual GMA Dove Awards this month but what has stayed on the minds of many was the powerful acceptance speech urging Christians to speak out against injustice. He talks to the Tom  Joyner Morning Show about his disappointment in the television network for editing his speech.

“The churches silence on this is becoming very numb. We should be disappointed. We should be controlling the narrative and not the world. We should be leading the charge. The response that night was incredible. The audience is 85% is white. It was a standing ovation…TBN edited it! Usually television shows edit for commercials but TBN doesn’t have commercials,” Franklin said.

Watch the speech below and listen to the interview above.


Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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12 thoughts on “Kirk Franklin Slams Network For Editing Racial Injustice Speech At Dove Awards

  1. specialt757 on said:

    The fact of the matter is “people” make up the church, and we as people are the voice(s) in our community, we have to stand up against injustices, if we don’t then who? Our alliance should be with the law makers who make the laws that positively affect us and our communities. Law makers are politians, we have let them know where we stand, being silent is not an option for the “church”.

  2. LBaker on said:

    There are alot of churches that speak out against injustice, and there are alot that hold prayer service etc. Nothing is gonna change overnight unless the Lord truly intervenes.

  3. Che Possible on said:

    The purpose of the church is to liberate our people. How do you keep your head in the sand praising and shouting while others are being killed while driving black. Where is the “prayer breakfast to erase racism” at?
    My common sense tells me if a people who introduce their doctrine to us placed chains around the necks & feet of our ancestors all in the name of Jesus while holding the bible. Surely, whatever they are offering can’t be any good for me.

  4. Gladys on said:

    I agree with Kirk. There are many that claim to be christian that WILL NOT address issues regarding injustices against people of color. TBN does not want TOUCH that with a 20 foot pole. MLK ministry was standing up for injustices non violently ANGELA. This has nothing to do with politics KENNY. I believe that God will & has EXPOSED all those that partake in evil doings to the world.Standby….

  5. Pat Matthews on said:

    What do you expect? The Evangelicals are the biggest supporters of the GOP and ultra conservatism. They just talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

  6. Angela on said:

    No the church should not be political….the church should be the church! Like Kirk said, healing, restoration and all the our father God has called us to be.

  7. Angela on said:

    No the church should not be political….the church should be the church! Like Kirk said, healing, restoration and all the our father God has called us to be.

  8. Gladys Davis on said:

    When thing happens like this , It let’s you know just when People stand, No me , That’s why some people don’t go to Church. But I will not give the Enemy the Victory over my soul .

  9. kenny Jamason on said:

    This is pretty petty. And he didn’t talk to the network. This is a look what I said moment for Kirk. The church shouldn’t be political.

    • Justice isn’t political. It’s BIBLICAL. There are NUMEROUS verses concerning God judging his people for injustice. God lists showing respect of persons (favoritism) as sin. The church should lead the charge against sin.

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