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Monique Pressley was Bill Cosby’s fierce defense attorney on the heels of an upcoming criminal trial in Pennsylvania. Now she reportedly has two new clients, Larry S. Johnson and Blake Keller, the writing and editing duo who are suing 50 Cent and the executive producers of “Power” over copyright infringement and breach of contract.

According to their complaint, Johnson wrote a script that Keller edited, and their work was stolen by the “Power” producers.

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“Mr. Johnson first sued the Defendants in Virginia in 2015 without counsel, and now will continue the fight through this action seeking to put an immediate stop to, and to obtain redress for, Defendants’ blatant, purposeful and massive infringement of the copyright in Mr. Johnson’s two-part manuscript entitled ‘Tribulations of a Ghetto Kid’, edited by Mr. Keller. As he does with all of his works, Mr. Johnson wrote this protected work over 12 years ago under his pen name ‘The Ghost’. Both Mr. Johnson’s work and Power TV Show share basic elements such as the exploration of the life of an African-American protagonist drug dealer using his ill-gotten gains to transition into the realm of legitimate business,” said Johnson’s team in a statement.

The statement continues, “However, even beyond the basic elements, and the glaring likeness of the main character, Power TV show infringes so far as to borrow character names, plot lines, and nearly identical language from Mr. Johnson’s protected work, making one strikingly similar to the other.”

Back in August, Pressley officially announced her departure from Cosby’s legal team. The disgraced actor/comedian faces three felony charges of second-degree aggravated indecent assault. He’s also fighting multiple defamation and civil lawsuits after nearly 60 women accused him of rape or sexual harassment over a period of four decades.

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