It’s never too late as a beautiful, blushing bride whose wedding photo went viral proves. 86-year-old Mildred Taylor Morrison shared her gorgeous wedding picture and the interwebs gave it their approval. Turns out that the bride is the aunt of Vintage Black Glamour’s Nichelle Gainer, whose websites and books of the same title show the elegance of Black folks from back in the day.

Morrison, a former model, was featured on Gainer’s website in a modeling pic from her younger days. Gainer took to Instagram to explain more about her fabulous auntie.

We haven’t seen any pic of the groom surface but we’re sure he’s equally fabulous.

Congrats to the lovely bride!

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9 thoughts on “86-Year-Old Bride Wins Internet

  1. Alexis Smith on said:

    This is a woman who has always carried herself in the manner in which she is pictured. She is beauty, class and style, yet humble. Bravo to her grand daughter for this amazing capture.Proud of her. God bless Millie and her new husband, Mr. Harold Morrison and may they have many special years to come. A first cousin’s thoughts with love.

    • Khadija Elkharbibi on said:

      Hi all,

      I am Millie’s grand daughter. A picture of her husband, Mr.Harold can be found on her FB page, Millie Taylor-Morrison

  2. This lady looks gorgeous just totally classy. I can only hope to look like this at almost ninety. Black girls rock don’t let anyone tell you different.

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