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Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent seen arriving at BBC Radio 1 in Central London this afternoon.

50 Cent and his baby mother Shaniqua Tompkins got into yet another online war of words. But what’s new?

After Tompkins called attention to the non-biological son Fiddy’s been claiming and made fun of the fact that he’s going to public school in red bottoms, the Power actor and Get Rich or Die Tryin‘ rapper went for the jugular.

Fifty wasted no time posting a screenshot of a “Notice of sale under power” for Tompkins’ Georgia home, adding in part, “I told you. Over and over go to work…” As a follow-up, he showed fans why he came for her, posting her comment with thoughts of his own:


“See this why if this bitch got hit by the Q11 bus and it dragged her, I would get out of my Bentley and ride the motherfucker 2 stops. LMAO He is going to a school connected to Hunter college, because he is advanced Bitch he is 11 years old in the 8th grade. just facts. #WhereYouLivingNowMyNigga LOL,” he wrote.

See him blast his first son’s mom above. Meanwhile, said son, Marquise Jackson, recently celebrated his 20th birthday and left this somber subliminal as a “thank you” to fans.



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3 thoughts on “50 Cent Bashes Oldest Son’s Mom… Again

  1. Lisa Smith on said:

    What kind of woman (and a mother at that!) would post a nasty comment about a child? Not a Black woman, a Petty and immature woman. I am a black woman and have never and would never stoop so low as to make/post a nasty comment about a child, anyone’s child! Larry, you seem to have a problem with Black women and that is your right but you cannot judge an entire race of people based on your opinion of one person or the comments of one person. That’s part of what is wrong with the world today!

  2. leadjustone on said:

    What kind of woman (and a mother at that!) would post a nasty comment about a child? Leave the kid out of it. Your issue is with your child’s father. This kid has nothing to do with your fight! It sounds like this child is doing an exceptional job at an exceptional school, even though it is a “public school”. By the way, it is quite possible to get a decent education at a public school; even one that is less than exceptional. Maybe she has been away from the masses for so long, she has forgotten this. Looks like she is about to get a refresher course.

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