Arsenio Hall weighs in on the second Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He tells the Tom Joyner Morning Show why he’s ready for a First Bill and why he wouldn’t have won Celebrity Apprentice if Donald called him the n-word.

“He invades your space in a debate don’t he? You just heard how he likes to grab vay jay-jays, so you don’t want him too close. At one point he walked off the stage to craft services. While on the Apprentice, I’ve never heard him talk like that. It’s amazing how Billy Bush will bring out that show,” he said.

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Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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2 thoughts on “The N-Word Would’ve Kept Arsenio From Winning ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

  1. Maybe Trump didn’t talk like that around you Arsenio, because he does not consider you to be a member of the boys club. In light of his true feelings about black people and other minorities it would not surprise me that he did not share his true feelings with you.

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