adriennebailonThe countdown to the Adrienne Bailon-Israel Houghton marriage has begun, and the couple are celebrating in their own unique way. A week ago, The Real co-host posted a photo of herself in a robe with the word, “Bride” on it. She captioned the photo with “So much to look forward to. Let the wedding countdown begin…”

The couple have been alluding to Eleven-Eleven on social media and in an interview on The Real, so we have a feeling they’re planning a November wedding. “11:11 —make a wish- this woman @adriennebailon is absolutely a wish, a dream and a prayer come true- Now we wish that you would tune in to @therealdaytime today to see why 11:11 is so special to us- as we discuss the details of our engagement!!!” Houghton said in an Instagram post.

Ahead of the wedding, the couple had a Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Shower on Saturday (Oct 8). According to E! News, it was held at Fig & Olive in West Hollywood, guests including The Real‘s Jeannie Mai enjoyed a mid-day lunch with Paris décor and a three-tier cake.

“Just had the most incredible day ever,” Adrienne shared on Snapchat after the festivities. “It was our Mr. and Mrs. Wedding shower. I have completely sweated my makeup off but it was such an amazing time and I know I wasn’t on any of the social media stuff because I was actually living in the moment but I love these people very much.”

The couple who were engaged last August while in Paris, have been dating since the beginning of the year. Bailon, who’s been fairly open about their relationship, says the two have been friends for years— even before they had romantic feelings.

“We agree on everything. That’s weird,” Adrienne recently shared with E! News. “He actually has better taste than me, so if I picked something else, I always go with him because he always has better taste.”

PHOTO: Getty

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One thought on “Adrienne Bailon And Israel Houghton Enjoy ‘Mr. And Mrs.’ Wedding Shower

  1. RENO2AC on said:

    …”The couple who were engaged last August while in Paris, have been dating since the beginning of the year.” HUHN? They got engaged LAST August, but started dating the beginning of the year? Does ANYONE proofread these articles!?!?!?!

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