It’s very rare that a legend like Sade makes headlines for things that aren’t about her iconic music, but today’s news isn’t fully about her.

The star’s 20-year-old daughter Mackalia ‘Ila’ Adu has officially begun transitioning from a female to a male. Although her Grammy Award-winning mom lives a reclusive life, Mackalia has been very open about her desire to change genders. She took to Instagram to let people know that she’s started taking the necessary shots, or hormone replacement therapy, to transition, saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.”

The super private Miss Adu has not spoken out about her daughter’s transition, and judging by her tight grip on her personal life, we doubt that she will.

Congrats to Mackalia.

SOURCE: Madamenoir | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram 


2 thoughts on “Sade’s Daughter Comes Out As A Transgender Man

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