The 11th Detroit principal involved in a school supplies kickback scheme has faced justice.

On Wednesday, a judge sentenced former Principal Beverly Campbell to 15 months in prison, the  Detroit Free Press  reports.

Like the other ex-principals who pleaded guilty, Campbell accepted cash and gifts from a school vendor in exchange for approving his fraudulent invoices. The principals enabled the businessman to receive $2.7 million in payments from Detroit Public Schools for supplies, such as chairs and paper, that his company either failed delivered or only partially filled. The scheme went on from 2002 through January 2015.

Campbell admitted to accepting bribes and kickbacks totaling $50,000.

At the sentencing, Assistant U.S. Attorney J.  Michael Buckley applauded Campbell, 67, for taking ownership of her crime, according to The Free Press.

“I made myself a target by breaking the law and violating the public trust,” Campbell said in court, tears running down her face. “I can only hope that those who know me best will learn from my transgressions.”

Ten other principals received prison sentences ranged from six months to three years. Unlike Campbell, the others showed little remorse, with some of them claiming to have spent their kickbacks on students, the newspaper reported.

SOURCE: Detroit Free Press | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 



6 thoughts on “Detroit Principal Receives 15-Month Sentence In Fraud Scheme

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  2. artis suitt on said:

    the vender made 2.7 million she only got 50.000 from the kickback they should give her 10years for being stupid 13 years and thats all you got dam black women use your head.

      • Depriving the students of needed resources, sure this is part of it. The biggest culprit is parents that don’t give a shit, have never attended a PTA , and the 74% of black households that have no man

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