After days of delay, police in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Tuesday released extended video footage of the police-involved shooting death of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott, according to multiple media outlets.

The graphic police bodycam footage shows the final moments of the father of seven after he was shot by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer on Sept. 20 in the parking lot of his University City apartment complex, reports The Charlotte Observer.

Scott’s family has maintained that he was unarmed and reading a book while waiting in a parked car for his young son to be dropped off after school. Police, however, claim a gun was visible inside the car.

But the new video footage released Tuesday does not show a weapon present at the scene. It was only alluded to by an officer, who said to another: “come watch this gun,” reports The Observer:

The body camera video, which lasts 16 minutes and 29 seconds, begins after Scott was shot. Much of it shows officers assessing and then tending to Scott’s wounds, securing the scene and talking to Scott as they knelt beside him.


Initially, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney released only portions of police video, arguing it was unethical to show Scott dying.

But Putney reversed course amid pressure to release the remainder of the footage, which totals two hours.

The Observer writes that “Scott’s family requested that police release the videos after they viewed it, which they did on Tuesday afternoon.”

SOURCE: Charlotte Observer | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty | VIDEO CREDIT: Charlotte Observer

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7 thoughts on “Where Is The Gun? Charlotte Police Release Full Video Of Keith Lamont Scott Shooting

  1. John Devane on said:

    unethical to show Scott dying shit they shot him for nothing saying the gun was visible but not in his hands, lying god ass cops

  2. Where is the book? I do however see an ankle holster for a gun.
    BTW, “Come watch this gun” means there is a gun on the scene, it is evidence, and it can’t be moved……thus, “come watch this gun” makes perfect sense to those with a brain.

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