A Georgia educator named Jane Wood Allen has been fired after taking to Facebook several times to spew racist rants directed towards First Lady Michelle Obama.

The teacher’s aide at Chestatee Elementary in Gainseville, Georgia shared an article about the First Lady taking vacations, saying, “This poor Gorilla. How is she going to function in the real world, by not having all of her luxurious vacations paid for anymore.”

In previous instances, Allen reportedly wrote in regards to Obama being one of the most admired women in the world, “I admire a gorilla more than I admire her. (Wait I forgot, she is a gorilla)!”

While she removed her posts, social media never forgets and on Monday her bosses announced that she had been fired.

While it is encouraging that the response from the district was appropriate it is worrisome that it took so long, or that comments like these were ever made at all.

SOURCE: New York Daily News | PHOTO: New York Daily News via Facebook, AP))

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65 thoughts on “Teacher Fired For Making Racist Remarks About Michelle Obama On Social Media

  1. Whatever happen to free speech? ok, so this is how this woman really feels, why fire here? My concern would be this, are you able to do your duties as a teacher, without stating your personal views in the class room. Now that we really understand the kind of person your are is not something we support at this school. Are you able to continue working at this school without inflicting your personal views onto our students? If she says no, than there is the door, your fired. If she says yes, than you are on a six month probational period, where you will be monitored in your class room and among your relationships with teachers and the rest at this school.

    • RENO2AC on said:

      She can say whatever she wants to say, but there are consequences for every action. Would you want her as a classroom aide in a classroom full of black children? Just like she had the “right” to say it. The school district had the “right” her dumb arse.

  2. You all may not know this but where she is from, black people were not allowed until the 1970’s,080s unless they had a death wish””

  3. GORILLA my ass, she is not Gorilla, Michelle Obama is about 30% Baboon! you can see it plainly. Just like Barrack has Monkey in him, and you can see it plainly.

    • and you are a boo as well, 10 percent of black blood is african in your blood line. That was when your great great great ancestors would sneak back into the slaves bunkers to rape your black slaves, because their wives would say not to night.

  4. What a pathetic POS!! Oh wait, I’m insulting the excrement. You stupid, jealous fool.Don’t you realize that Mrs. Obama will be a multimillionaire once she leaves the White House? You will never come close to having the money, intelligence, or class of Michelle Obama; not to mention, all of the perks that come with being a former first lady. You will be paying for the secret service protection that will continue to be provided for this lovely family. Marinate on that one….

  5. KAILYAH on said:


  6. Wow! This stupid ugly fat heffa. People need to just shut the fluck up. What do you get out of showing everyone there ain’t schitt to you and your unhappy with your life ass?

  7. Jasper on said:

    You cannot argue with success she was a teacher’s aide kudos to social media it promoted her there’s no need to call her name’s her actions tell the story of her life


  9. Carliece Hart-Urena on said:

    Seriously!!! she should’ve been fired, the thought that she could be teaching and affecting our children with that kind of garbage is appalling. Also, FLOTUS has more education and class than she’ll ever have, made more money in the private sector before moving to the White House for TWO terms than she will in her lifetime and will make thrice that after she leaves. I guess she doesn’t have a mirror in her house either!!!!! God Bless the ignorant person that she is.

  10. This ugly duckling has the nerve to call the First Lady ugly and ask what a classy, Harvard educated woman like Mrs. Obama is going to do? What a joke. Michelle Obama can do ANYTHING in this world that she wants!! Trailer Park Patty needs to go back to her trailer where she probably lives with her husband who is her cousin. SMH!

  11. I would first say to the ugly lady both in attitude and your picture. STOP AND NEVER COMMENT ON HOW SOMEONE ELSE LOOKS…DON’T HATE OUR FIRST LADY BECAUSE SHE MAKES MONEY than you will ever see in your life time….go back to school and become a teacher or get a job a the zoo. You can see animals that look just like you…..

    • Doreen on said:

      Maybe you should spend some time looking within yourself. Obviously you have some self esteem issues that you need to work on.

    • You are so ignorant and even more you are intimidated by my beautiful people, you only wish you could be like us and as intelligent as we are. Sorry for your loss that you don’t have crap so you have to talk about the the beautiful black men you wish you could be like, You can keep a woman, because truth is your woman wants a brother real bad and you can’t handle that, so you call names like a coward. Boy bye!!!

    • Stacey Gold on said:

      Why are you on OUR PAGE! Get the stepping you miserable racist prick! You’re just made because WE ARE WINNING with intelligent black people like our First Lady and President and YOU are NOT!!! Stupid idiot, no grade education, GED having no body, freaking drop out and living in a trailer park! Now go run and tell that to your white cracker friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Angela F on said:

        @Diane Good Really bitch She’s a Harvard graduate with a degree and a lawyer what are you a teacher’s aide not the teacher but the aide sit your ass down and next time don’t forget to look in the mirror before you speak Good luck on your your next job

  12. Thank you AJ, for that information. I will agree she should be fired…We don’t need stupid in our classrooms as teachers

    • Thanks Andrea, do you see these ignorant comments that these stupid racist people make, you are so right, they are so intimidated by us, that the only thing she can say is that she looks like a gorilla. A second hand teacher is what she is that does not compare to First Lady Obama at all, a straight up mud duck, I’m glad she lost her job!!!

  13. I think the school of school system did the right thing by firing her. You don’t need people like this teaching our young people. This was a racist comment from a racist woman. Yeah I know some people will say that her social media site is hers and she can do what she wants when she’s not working. Well that’s not true, certain careers fields that we go in, you have to carry yourself in a professional manner off work as well.

  14. The hate is real yall !! If she thinks the 1st lady (something she will never be) looks like what she said, she must not have any mirrors in her home or else she would know that she’s not that easy on the eyes only to maybe other big white elephants. I’m sorry but she made me go there.

    • Shelby on said:

      True that,she’s just mad that an educated black women is First Lady of the USA. Something she will not and possibly never could dream of, because someone who says ignorant comments like that have no goals in life. The only goals they have is to put down people they wish they were.

  15. Really on said:

    She is just jealous like a lot of them. Michelle is a snarky articulate educated black woman with class’. She already told these idiots that when they go low she’ll go high. Even if Michelle is ugly to this ugly woman she still looks better than her. It’s sad how stupid and evil some of these people are . Unbelievable really .

  16. TiredoftheBS on said:

    @KDJ She absolutely deserved to be fired. We cannot allow someone that thinks this way to teach children, especially black children as they can do irreparable damage to their minds by saying things and treating them different than she would a whit child.

  17. Miss Jackson on said:

    Jane wood idiot must not have a mirror in her house, she looks like a bad drag queen, don’t mean to insult drag queens.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Yeah perhaps, but here’s the Fup part, she’s a teacher’s aide. How much could that really be and in NC no less? Walmart greeters make more than she does. Michelle pays more in taxes than what this monkey makes in a year.

  18. Mark jackson on said:

    She has Some nerve as Ugly as She is. She’s a 2 2 bagger. When u put a paper bag over her head and urs also, you wear one just in case hers falls off.

  19. This woman look like the gorilla. She is just feeling comfortable because so many of her kind are showing their true colors with this clown they are asking us to accept as President

  20. not only is “was” her husband president of the free world, but mrs. obama also has a law degree she is a lawyer. so let’s do the math here she’s a lawayer (with other credentials) and ur a teacher’s aide really who needs help planning vacations.. ugly words should never be spread if these are your true feelings ur entitled, instead of being mad and sprewing this hateful message maybe you should look inward and ask yourself “am i happy with me” if not seek help, and then GOD in either order is fine

  21. This UGLY c u next Tuesday NEEDED TO BE FIRED!!!!!!

    Thanks to CHUMP–White folks are showing their TRUE colors–HATE!!!!!!!!

    As for this POS making RACIST comments regarding our FLOTUS-so what else is new.
    Michelle has been called everything but a child of God for these past seven and a half yrs by all the HATERS who did not vote for her husband!!!!!!!!

    Nothing but JEALOUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. redbone1954 on said:

    I know she was not talking about ANYONE looking like a gorilla!!!!!! She looks like she has been rode hard and put away wet. This trailor park trash has a lot of nerve. And her ignorant azz should know that the President does make a salary as President of the United States his family does not need this country to pay for vacations!!! Simple tramp

  23. Her comment is very disrespectful to the first lady. but this is still America…this was no reason to fire her….and yes I think the first lady is very beautiful…

    • She was fired rightfully so. It wasn’t just her comments on First Lady Obama. She also made racist comments about a black child in her class. As well as remarks about Hispanics. She did not belong in a classroom with any influence over children of any race.

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