10/4/16- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Kimberly Bryant, the founder of Black Girls Code, a not-for-profit organization to help bridge the gap between girls of color and advancing their skills into coding and technology.

“What we find when we talk about girls of color is an odd conundrum. Girls that have access to programs like my daughter did and girls that don’t, all have this opportunity to be introduced to these fields in their schools. We’re looking to get those girls that know about computers or those that don’t even know that this skill exists and get them into the technological marketplace,” Bryant said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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2 thoughts on “Black Girls Code Founder Wants To Ramp Up Diversity In Technology

  1. Good!!!!
    Computer Technology seems to be a “male oriented” field. It needs WOMEN to break up that ole boys network. In particular, woman of color who are under represented in this area.

    • You are so right! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve attended an IT conference or workshop and been the only black female. In some cases, they look at me and ask …”so you do the graphic design for the web application”. … my response, “No I’m a hardcore coder!” This field has definitely been an “ole boys network” for too long. I volunteered for the last workshop here in Chicago and was so delighted and proud to see so many young little girls enthusiastic about technology!

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