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Flying, in general, can be stressful. Packing, running to the airport, check-in, security— all of it requires a calm mind, body and spirit. Especially when dealing with trifling airline companies.

Kandi Burruss knows all about this, as the singer was attempting to travel to from Honolulu to Maui with her husband and friends, when she was suddenly kicked off the Hawaiian Airlines flight. Their reasoning: “causing commotion”.

“#HawaiianAirlines just kicked us off for no reason,” she captions her Instagram video with. “This was so crazy & random! We were sitting in our seat & the gate ticketer came on & asked to see my ticket because it wasn’t showing up in their system. I gave him my ticket but it had our baggage claim checks on the back. He never brought it back & the plane started rolling off. I asked the flight attendant where was my ticket & told him I needed the baggage claim ticket just in case my bags didn’t make the flight.”

Adding, “The flight attendant left & came back & said the pilot was calling to check & then the next thing I know this lady comes on the plane & said she needed Todd & I to get off the plane because we caused some sort of commotion… Really???? I barely said a word to that flight attendant. Everybody sitting around us was like what are they talking about! This shit is crazy.”

In response, Hawaiian Airlines attempted to explain their reasoning.

As reported by TMZ: Hawaiian Airlines spokeswoman Alison Croyle tells TMZ … Kandi and co. were not kicked off, and the unfortunate episode was partially their fault. Croyle says shortly after Kandi and Todd boarded flight 526, the computer revealed an issue with their boarding passes … so, an employee asked to check their boarding passes. Everything was fine, but the employee forgot to return their passes and baggage claim tickets. As the plane was taxiing, flight attendants reassured the couple they wouldn’t have a problem claiming their luggage — but the airline says they got “irate.”

Eventually, Burruss, her husband and their friends got another flight 45 minutes later.


5 thoughts on “Why Was Kandi Burruss Kicked Off A Hawaiian Airlines Flight?

  1. Lindsay Hunter on said:

    I believe there was probable cause .Kandi you the one who be saying”I’ll drug you up in this bitch lol!”Sorry that happened , i worked as a flight attendant before and you cannot (be irrate or cause “commotion” before or during take off! It was at the captaon’s discretion.

  2. Kandi and Tawd (Todd) travel in big groups. They just didn’t want all them black ppl around or on the plane. They were probably scared. Like one other person said, ‘white ppl’ sigh. Smh

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