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Wendy Williams is never one to hold her tongue, especially during her popular “Hot Topics” segment. Wendy’s unfiltered honesty has gotten her in trouble with the show’s sponsors in the past, and it looks like the talk show host is being dragged once again for hitting below the belt on a touchy subject in reality star Kenya Moore‘s life.

'Unnecessary Trouble ' Video Debut Party

Wendy dished on the super trailer for Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9, where Kenya and Sheree Whitfield throw jabs at each other’s luxury homes. After years of stalled renovations, ‘Chateau Sheree’ is apparently up and running, while Kenya’s modern pad ‘Moore Manor’ (or as Sheree calls it, need more work manor) needed some extensive repairs. “My name is on the home,” Kenya is heard saying to Sheree. “Your mother’s name is on Chateau Thelma.”

Wendy addressed Kenya’s insult with a low blow of her own. “Kenya dear I love you but the reason why Sheree mom’s was able to be on the mortgage is because her mother actually loves her and she opens the door for her when she comes over to the house.

Kenya Moore fans quickly got wind of the comment and spilled some of Wendy’s own tea in their clapback. “Wendall u would think that almost losing your son to drugs u wouldn’t belittle a relationship a mother has w/her child,” one fan account tweeted.

Kenya Moore is commonly portrayed as the aggressor on the show, but has also been open about the tender subject of her mother’s abandonment. The former beauty queen recalls her mother, who was only 15 at the time, giving her over to her grandmother at 3 days old and never having a presence in her life. Sadly, Kenya says to this day her mother pretends she doesn’t exist and even ignores her at family gatherings.

Did Wendy go too far with this one? Sound off in the comments.


23 thoughts on “Too Far? Wendy Williams Pokes Fun At Kenya Moore’s Broken Relationship With Her Mother

  1. Good gawd, all these woman be wearing weave. Do we not find anything odd about this behavior of spending billions a year to look more European? Do we hate our natural looks that much?

  2. We have to understand, Wendy Williams claims to have a college degree, claims to have grown up in a house of morals; but she is one ignorant woman. She keeps proving it on her ghetto show with the, I’m sorry, “stupid” things she says. We have to stop idolizing people like her, she is no different than Trump, stupid

  3. Sorry no sympathy for Kenya. She provokes and throws shade with the best of ’em. She has no boundaries and then wants someone to feel sorry for her. Twirl yourself to a corner and sit down and be quiet for a change.

  4. I am surprised that people do not understand that insults like this are what gets Wendy paid. Her show is not about being nice to everyone. Like Howard Stern or Don Imus’s radio shows, some people like hear famous people being talked bad about weather it be true or not. There is no such thing as below the belt. And for millions of bucks I would do the same thing as would a lot of these commentors.

    • For real Macky. And don’t leave out the fact that if this was a nice, sweet talking show, even the commenters throwing stones at Windy wouldn’t watch, otherwise, how could the show survive all these seasons I tried to watch Windy when it first started airing. After 10 minutes, I knew it was my last time tuning in.

  5. Valerie Brown on said:

    Neither woman is right in their words or actions .Family should never be part of the ammunition used in a debate .Some things need to be kept as Wendy said, “for the kitchen table talk” To be honest I stop watching the Housewives franchises when I saw how mean and vindictive women who have it going on can be .All I can do is shake my head and wish them the best

  6. I’m not a fan of Kenya but certainly not a fan of Wendy. It sad to see someone who seems to delight in other people’s downfalls. I mean she be practically salivating when she’s telling those stories, like those little tattletale kids we grew up with. Anybody else ever wonder why it’s never a hot topic we folks clap back at her man-looking bad built a$$, like when when Evelyn Lozada read her a$$ after she called her baby a cash register and if I was her I wouldn’t never ever even think about saying something again about Method Man or his family. She really is a talk show bully, and I can guarantee the $hit she says about people she would never say to them in person. She should be deep in prayer each and everyday especially if she consider herself to be a Christian since God deplores a gossip and since this is how she makes her living, I hope she can stand heat because I envision her going straight to hell !!

  7. Jackie C on said:

    Kenya can dish it out but not take. I am not taking Wendy’s side either. She talks too much and no nothing. But, Kenya is no saint either. On a past episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya wanted to win so bad that she stole Vivica Foxx’s cell phone and sent out a Instagram or Facebook message pretending to be Vivicia. It was personal. Kenya denied it but, Donald fired her a$$. Plus Kenya cannot keep a man and was dating a gay man on the show. Neither of these so call black woman should be throwing stones at anyone.

    JC from DC.

  8. The Truth on said:

    I really don’t know Kenya or the show. I know it’s a Golden Rule that you don’t talk about Mama! No one’s Mother….

  9. I’m so sick of Wendy’s ugly @ss and don’t even watch her show, but sick of seeing her scrolling on my feed with her trifllin @ss. Sit the F#%T%$T down and shut the f%$#%$ up and worry about your husband boo boo. Dumb B@#% don’t even know why there are HBCU’s and talking mess about others – SMH

  10. Beeg1984 on said:

    Yes, Sasquatch aka Wendy Williams when to far this time. Kendra is a motherless child and she is a mean girl at times. But that was wrong on ever level…

  11. NO! Wendy did not go too far. Kenya always slinging but when she is slung back on, then, she wants to cry fowl….. I think Wendy was very kind because she could have gone ALL in and she didn’t. Keep doing what do Wendy which is keeping it REAL!!

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