Marques Brownlee was once called the best technology reviewer on the planet by a former top executive at Google. While Brownlee has never made such a claim for himself, his popular YouTube channel is one of the most-watched on the social media network.

Brownlee, 22, is a native of Maplewood, N.J. He came by his interest in technology honestly as his father works in the field of information technology and programming. But Brownlee took a different path in high school when he joined YouTube at 15 to focus on consumer electronics reviews. Brownlee’s station, now known as MKBHD, had its share of growing pains but is now considered the third most-popular technology channel on YouTube.

With nearly 4 million subscribers, Brownlee cornered a market in tech reviews with a boost from larger technology outlets. According to SocialBlade, Brownlee earns $500,000 per year off ad revenue alone and has invested several thousand dollars to upgrade his Kearny, N.J. recording studio with the best equipment around.

The 2015 Stevens Institute of Technology graduate is also a professional Ultimate Frisbee athlete and is a full-time YouTuber.

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