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An Atlanta fourth grade teacher Patrice “Tricey” Brown became a viral sensation over the weekend when she was quickly dubbed the ‘sexiest teacher on Instagram’.


But Brown has also been receiving some backlash for her “sexy” attire at work.




As it turns out, the internet’s sexiest ‘teacher’ is not quite a teacher. The Atlanta Public Schools have corrected reports that Brown is is employed by them as a teacher. In fact, she is a paraprofessional. According to Atlanta’s, Brown has been “given guidance regarding the APS Employee Dress Code, the use of social media, and Georgia Code of Ethics for educators, and she has been cooperative in addressing her presence on social media.”

Although Brown’s attire is within the boundaries of the official dress code, many felt that her attire was a little too provocate and weighed in on social media.

Is the criticism fair or foul? Was it the clothes that were the problem or the social media posts?

Weigh in below.

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153 thoughts on “Sexy ‘Teacher’ Not Quite A Teacher – Reprimanded About Attire And Social Media

  1. Yes. She’s sexy gorgeous, and she got it goin on. But there is a time and a place for dressing like that. Dress like that when going to a club, not to school to work with children.

  2. Reprimanded About Attire And Social Media, what society are we in? I thought this was America, hell we’re not in an Arab Nation where the women are covered from head to toe, if you can’t control your sexual urges, then you need to check your self and you mental state. Obviously some women are complaining because they don’t have a body i.e. FAT and OVER WEIGHT or skinny with a flat ASS, Leave that damn woman alone. Mind your business and not try to control what others are doing, in this case wearing.

  3. Richard Garcia on said:

    If she were a student, of course the winners of the argument would be the ones who argued the outfit was inappropriate.

    • Sexy ‘Teacher’ Not Quite A Teacher – Reprimanded About Attire And Social Media? What does her attire have to do with her teaching? You Feminist, jealous, judgmental Hippocrates need to stop being Air Heads and mind your own business, if you did that you wouldn’t have time to try to run someone else business. That woman has a body that stops Traffic and the main ones who are making a fuss are more than likely old as hell, retire, go home, Fat asses, loose some damn weight, or skinny mini’s, leave that woman along, if it’s the school board shame on you she’s doing her job, I thought this was America and not some where over in the middle east where the women are covered from head to toe because the men don’t want to see skin and if they do they get a hard on. SAD!!!

  4. Richard Garcia on said:

    Women wearing a dress to their job of teaching, that’s normal. At least- overall. Not attractive-wise. But for comparison, my 3rd grade teacher once wore a dress in class. But what makes this something else, is the fact that my 3rd grade teacher was a man! Although it was for Halloween, a male teacher, wearing a dress, a wig and high heels, while teaching children to behave appropriately, defies common sense as well as school policy. But for some reason, there was no such school policy, at least for adult men.

  5. Understand the Challenge on said:

    Interesting. I am a high school teacher with similar challenges so I can relate to this situation. However, I’ve chosen to deal with my situation differently. First of all, I’m male and I’m not nearly attractive as this woman. That said, she is amply endowed in the right places which garners attention on herself, and I like wise (use your imagination). My first year of teaching, within a few days I noticed girls laughing and gawking at me during lecture. I didn’t “get it” at first, but eventually figured out that I could not get away with wearing slacks that most male teachers normally wear. It revealed too much and I got stares/laughter. I then resorted to wearing the baggiest (and darkest colored) slacks in my wardrobe. And even with those slacks, I sometimes get that unwanted attention by students. Is it fair (or an insult to me) that I have to be overly selective with my wardrobe and “I can’t be myself and display my body the way God blessed me”? I don’t know, but I do not sweat it. Besides the fact that I do NOT want that type of attention from students (makes me very uncomfortable), I am their teacher and should eliminate any barriers that distract them from learning. This woman has a great body she should be proud of, but I feel she should consider her role/job and make better choices on her wardrobe with students. I have and the results are better in the classroom. And that’s what matters the most.

  6. Da sad thing is dat, everyday dere’s badly built teachers wearing tite fittin clothes & no1 says anything……Bsides, let’s jus face it, NO MATTER WHAT Ms. BROWN WEARS SHE WILL B 2 SEXY, SO GET OVER IT…..Damn, she really makes those blu-jeans look SUPER SEXY, dats a THOROUGHBRED STALLION.

  7. Although she is not a teacher she still should dress professionally, That means being mindful of what you wear compared to your physique.

  8. The picture has nothing to do with her work as a paraprofessional. The main focus is her body and clothing. Therefore, she should have taken the picture somewhere else. Do not use the classroom as your backdrop unless you are displaying something pertaining to teaching.

  9. Robert Schmidt on said:

    What happened to the picture of the beautiful white lady with strapless red dress being escorted by extremely tall black gentleman?

    It appeared to be taken in a congressional room that included Republican Speaker of the House John Bahnard.

  10. She does have a beautiful body and she looks fantastic but I agree a blazer or cardigan would suffice. Her backside & breast are a tad bit extreme in a spandex form fitting dress. But if the school & the parents aren’t complaining. Let her me. If I were a boy I would love to have a teacher who looks like her. I also teach. I too wore spandex miniskirts to school. I’m a size 8. I have curves but no where near her proportions. But I always wore a blazer with a white cotton shirt and pearls. I always kept it professional & classy. And some people still gave me grief. By the way, a paraprofessional is a Teacher’s Aide who works with an individual or a small group of students who has special needs (special education). Not a Teacher Assistant or Substitute Teacher. You need specific certifications for those.


    • Helen Tindall on said:

      Some people worry about the wrong things. There is nothing wrong with the way she is dress. If I had a body like that, trust and believe me, I would dress like the too. As long as she is doing her job as a teacher, and making sure your kids are safe, then the haters should keep their opinions to their self. Like Mr. Suitt said about the over weight people, I totally agree. Also try the gym, it works wonders for a body. Ms. Brown, keep wearing your clothes because you look good.

  12. Everybody need to leave Ms. Brown alone she is at least doing something positive for the young in her school. A lot of women are just jealous of her figure! Stop hating people and start paying attention to what she is doing that is so positive working with our youth.

  13. Freda Williams on said:

    You go Miss Brown. The pics may have just been a little photo shoot that she had done people. I didn’t see one child in any of the pics. And I doubt if every pic she took is something she wore to work. Stop hating.

  14. Wow!! This poor woman. What would make everyone happy? Would it be if she was wearing a burlap sack? I liked the Twitter post that someone posted where they put a skinny woman, that was wearing the same type of dress, beside her picture. The difference between the two was that Patrice was curvy and the other one had tiny curves. Personally, I see nothing wrong with anything that she was wearing. Her outfits were appropriate. She has the type of body that would make anything look good. If she did wear the burlap sack, she probably would look sexy in that, also. Patrice, continue to rock them curves! You are gorgeous! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about them or your pics, either. smh

  15. I’m certainly not upset with her figure, she’s gorgeous. However, there is a time and place to wear certain clothing. Her clothes are club-hopping clothes, not professional attire at all. No, she doesn’t have to dress like a pilgrim either. Her clothes are meant to flatter her figure which she is proud to display. Perhaps if she had posted only one picture of herself in a classroom setting, maybe she wouldn’t have sought and received worldwide attention. Who wears stilettos anyway when you have to be up and on your feet most of the day? Whether she is a teacher, teacher’s aide
    or a substitute, someone needs to teach her how to DRESS PROFESSIONALLY for the classroom and leave the club clothes at home.

    • The school says that she is now being “given guidance regarding the dress code, social media use and Georgia code of ethics”. This is what a lot of her cheerleaders are missing. Sometimes professionalism and ethics are called for. Being in the workplace is one of those times, unless workplace attire calls for something different.

    • Kendall Meeks on said:

      The woman is within the guidelines it’s the haters who keeps this act of hate going on. God gave her this body she has done nothing wrong. Ms. Patrice continue teaching on you have my support

  16. Ruby McDaniel on said:

    Leave the woman alone. She’s pretty and sexy, so what? When my son was in high school, there was a teacher who looked comparable to this young lady. His interest perked up; he was ready for her math class everyday and learned a lot. Leave the woman alone.

  17. Zinna Armstrong on said:

    If she is a substitute teacher how is she influencing anyone? She is probably in a different school every other day or week. It’s not as if she is around the same children all day every day. I would just stop posting pics at school.

  18. Social media is the problem, and all of the people who use it without a face, “cowards” That lady did nothing wrong but try to teach your little dumb A– brats life issues or basic curriculum. If more people would worry about what’s their problem and stay out of other people’s world, the world would be a better place. So what; she’s sexy and she knows it, she’s only working with what God gave her and it’s not sexing little boys like some of your teachers of the past, they are ELEMENTRY SCHOOL KIDS

    • Can you come up with something new?!?! Always talking about black women are wearing white women’s hair. Whose hair are white women wearing with all those god awful extensions that ALL the white women wear. Fake hair is fake hair!

  19. I believe the issue or concern is she is curve and the clothes hug her in eye catching places. That can be a distraction to anyone. The outfit for the most part are professional, she may want to wear a blazer at work.

  20. I’m not really concerned with her attire but why is she taking photos of herself when she gets to school? Take them at home then post. Parents can’t be made at that because you will then be off their clocks.

  21. Ms. Brown isn’t dressing provocative so, how can she be a BAD example to follow. .She’s a young beautiful lady and as quoted in the article Ms. “Brown’s attire is within the boundaries of the official dress code.” It’s not Ms. Brown who should tone down her dressing maybe, it’s the people on social media who should tone down their negativity. Like my mother told me if you don’t have something good to say, then don’t say anything.

      • arthur childress on said:

        You’ve left several nasty, disparaging, comments about this beautiful woman. If you look anything like your ugly comments would imply, then I understand the hate.

      • I read the article and it says; ” Although Brown’s attire is within the boundaries of the official dress code, many felt that her attire was a little too provocative and weighed in on social media.” The many it’s referring to are the people who are envious of that woman’s body, let’s be real, it’s not her clothes, if that was the case tell me this, what is she suppose to wear a burlap bag, or a barrel? she can’t help it if those other teachers have narrow asses or fat asses and don’t look as good in their clothes, get in the gym and loose weight.

      • In an earlier article it stated that tight, immodest or revealing clothing is not allowed and jeans only for special occasions. It also stated the she was fully aware of the dress. code. Yep. read it with my own eyes. This is a different article. Sounds like someone is doing what people do when they’re trying to please everybody, instead of sticking with their principles. At least she’s being given guidance.

  22. LF Truman on said:

    “Although Brown’s attire is within the boundaries of the official dress code, many felt that her attire was a little too provocate and weighed in on social media.”

    Translation: Ms. Brown’s attire does violate the school’s dress code however her Jessica Rabbit body is too much for the haters, now if she was flat chested, had chicken legs, no ass or 6 chins, everything would be OK.

    • No one criticized her body. As a matter of fact, everyone commented on what a nice body she has. Women with beautiful bodies are literally a dime a dozen. That wasn’t the point of the negative comments.

  23. First let say that she is beautiful. With that said, If I had school age children, especially daughters, I would not want her to be an example for her to follow. There is a time and place for everything. The classroom is not the place to be sexy. Teachers are an extinctions of what mother and fathers are suppose to teach at home. I would not be teaching my daughter to dress like that in a professional setting. Save that for the club BO.


    • Not quite edumacated enough, otherwise, #1, she would know better than to dress in a way that violates the workplace dress code and #2 she would know better than to do anything that brings negative and unwanted attention to the workplace.

  25. There is nothing wrong with how this teacher dresses. She’s a beautiful woman and shouldn’t have to tone it down because of some women insecurities. I believe she sets a good example for the girls to dress well and not like some rappers video chic. I also believe the boys will be very attentive in class.

  26. Kourtney on said:

    That is the problem with people today. Why are you so worried about what she has on. Her body is fully covered in every photo. The fact that she is a black woman who has taken care of her body and can wear clothes that most cant because of the way they may be shaped. Now if she was in the corporate world nobody would have anything to say but the fact that she is dealing with kids should make it any different. Stop criticizing about things that dont matter. Ask how the kids feel when she teaches. Look at the grades of those children and see how they have progressed or not. Look at the fact that she may be a role model for women today to achieve good health and hustle while they are doing it. People are so quick to judge an appearance today instead of worrying about the real deal of the matter. So sad!!

  27. Truth…I am not jealous and I asked several teachers and friends they said it’s inappropriate. When you shop in the store you have casual wear, sports wear,semi formal and formal wear…Why? It’s to revealing and 4th graders 8 or 9 years old. I am sure She is not the only teacher in the world with a nice shape. This is why it of companies have dress code to stay within boundaries. It a nice sexy party dress and I’m sure She knows it inappropriate or she wouldn’t of posted it. Respect Yourself and others..No is jealous Msg. FINE…

  28. Jackson II on said:

    Seduce? I’d careful with throwing words out there that establish some sort of intent. Black people… Can she teach? Are her students reaching benchmark? If she was unattractive would it be a problem? Stop projecting your insecurities on this woman. We destroy each other faster than a speeding bullet.. Not one of these pics are taken with a student. (Fact) We don’t know if these pics were taken on a school day or what time of day. (Fact) We don’t know her intent. (Fact) Some women love to dress up and look nice everywhere they go. Heck they start learning this as a young girl playing dress up. Stick to the facts. You too can look like her if you choose too. Stop Hatin!

  29. I’m willing to bet you that there was an increase in the parents participation in her class. Fathers because of the way she dressed and mothers to stop the fathers from enjoying it.

    But on a serious note: IMO at that age, little boys may see her as being attractive but they soon move on and she just becomes Ms Brown, a pretty teacher who they like and she likes them. I’d also be willing to bet that the grades for most in her class have increased. And if I had a son, I would love for her to be his teacher, because I know he would be paying attention and listening.

  30. Jackson 68 on said:

    I had a 5th grade teacher and she wore the same attire and she was professional with it and this was at a almost black school she was not disliked due to this.

  31. aginahhair on said:

    This behavior Seducing our children to see a woman for her body rather than what she is teaching. Cover up your ass-sets missy at least while in the class room.

  32. as a woman with a similiar shape, a blazer or cardigan over each outfit would tone the GOD given body down for the natural eyes looking

  33. Jackson II on said:

    When will this HATE stop! Black people, esspically black women have been stereotyped, sexualized and objectified based on there curves. It’s just funny to me that these folks who complain about her attire don’t realize they are projecting their own insecurities on her. If they could look like that they would dress like that. She is beautiful, educated, and is a educator. I applaud her for doing a thankless job.

  34. She can tone it down a notch. She is beautiful with a God’s given shape. To show God appreciation. Do HIS WILL. Don’t flaunt it to our children and definitely not social media. Save those outfits for going out.

  35. ButterPecan on said:

    She’s a pretty woman with curves. I didn’t see anything wrong with what she had on and obviously, neither did the school until she posted pics on social media. I hope she continues in her endeavors to educate our next generation of academic, scientific, athletic and political professionals.

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