Twitter is up in arms about an Atlanta woman who has been dubbed the “sexiest teacher alive” on social media.

According to The Root, Patrice “Tricey” Brown has come under fire for wearing form-fitting dresses and jeans when teaching her fourth graders. Detractors are accusing the Alabama State University graduate of not dressing appropriately and distracting the students’ learning process.

However, she does have supporters (outside of thirsty dudes trying to holla):

And others point out the double standard of it all:

Beauties, what do you think? Is her work wardrobe appropriate or is she doing a bit too much?

SOURCE: The Root | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


3 thoughts on “Inappropriate? Atlanta Teacher Dubbed ‘Sexiest Teacher’ On Social Media, Sparks Controversy

  1. Erica J. on said:

    I mean, she does have a figure, but she can’t wear sweat pants and a T-shirt everyday. Then, people will talk about that, as well. Just keepin’ it 100, flat out!

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