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Actress Essence Atkins is divorcing her husband Jamie Mendez after seven years.


The two wed in 2009 after meeting on the online dating site Match.com in 2008. Essence gave birth to their son in 2011.

While she didn’t go into too much detail, Essence told Hollywood Live that while they still love each other, it was time to part ways.

Watch below.


We wish them both the best!

We Tried To Make It Work: Divorced Celebs
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3 thoughts on “Essence Atkins Divorces Husband After Seven Years

  1. Tanjay Holmes on said:

    Look it is not as easy as it seems to continue to live with someone you have no feelings for. There some folks who aren’t willing to work out their issues. But when one is ready to leave…they should, it is possible to stop loving if the other person his not the same any more or want more for themselves in terms of substance. Besides you are not at your office all the time…and it is easier to quit your job.

  2. BabyCate on said:

    I realize we are all different in many ways, but it seems people do not try and work out those differences and stay together. Marriage today is taken too lightly and the least little indifference or situation that comes up they (In my opinion only) want to end their marriages. I have friends along with family members who’ve been married in excess of 30 years. My cousin married at 21 and she’s still married to the same man for over 40 years. They had problems but worked them out. That’s what your supposed to do. Marriage she never be taken for granted. If in the case of adultery and you cannot forgive, well then yes divorce and move on.

    • I think it has more to do with not going into the union being committed to the marriage rather than the person. You’re right the “I’m not happy” reason are not commitment. People aren’t happy with jobs but they don’t up and quit. Also, there are other people impacted by the decision to divorce and that’s what they are teaching their child. It’s becomes a multigenerational cycle like other things in communities. People with resources to up and leave at a moment’s notice rarely work things out. Those that don’t stick with it and realize the blessings and miracles that comes with the commitment – through good times and bad. The vows mean little because no one seems to be willing to endure the bad until it becomes good again.

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