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8/30/16- Donald Trump supporters often bring out the worst in people. Case in point, a South Carolina Pastor who tweeted a picure of Hillary Clinton in black face. Click the link above to hear the TJMS weigh in.

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7 thoughts on “A South Carolina Pastor Goes Too Far To Show His Support For Donald Trump

  1. Willie Clark on said:

    This person should get down on his knees and pray for forgiveness. If HC had done this spunk would be on her now. Burns has the nerve to somewhat apologize!!!. His congregation should through his trump living but out

    • llawrence on said:

      I don’t think he has a church, I think it is an TV show and he thinks Chump is going to give his ugly ass a job. When this election is over I will be sure to contact this loser and ask him SEE WHAT YOU HAD TO LOSE STUPID.

  2. williaml on said:

    Stay Stupid and vote for Hillary! Any Black person that votes Democrat is an Absolute Fool, seeing the damage that the KKK, Jim crow , party of Aborting Black Babies has done to our People.

  3. The perfect example of how a person position is is used to create hate. I am going to show my little nieces and nephews first the picture them your title. If you don’t have Character and Love You are of your father the Devil. I will tell them if a person position is used for negativity it is WRONG! No matter what your title. Your mission should be praying on your knees asking God to order your steps. Not jumping in the bed with the Devil.You are now apologizing for displaying hatered..WOW! Lord have Mercy!!! You doing The Peter now.X 3….

  4. llawrence on said:

    This fool is not a pastor he is a loser and is looking for some money and or airtime. If somebody don’t educate him soon and I can say that cause he can’t even spell simple words, but he is digging his own ditch and Punk will not be there to pull him out.

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