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8/29/16- Find out just how much hate Colin Kaepernick is receiving and listen to Comedian Chris Paul  dish on the latest Dallas Cowboys death. Listen above.

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2 thoughts on “MORNING MINUTE: The Kaepernick Hate, A Slow Cowboys Death

  1. How come it seems like only or the majority of white people have a problem with kapernick’s stance? I bet if peyton Manning did the same exact thing then the white folks would honor peyton for his stance instead of ridiculing him

    • chopperboy on said:

      I bet they wouldn’t especially if he is making a general statement basically saying all cops are bad and racist or he said the flag represents or accepts those kinds of things. The flag or a majority of people are not in support of police brutality and to say its only against people of color is complete bs. Read your news and stats, there are a lot of white people killed or harassed by both white and black officers. How about sometimes there are just bad cops and it doesn’t always have to be a black or white thing. Kaepernick is stereotyping police officers, isn’t that a bit hypocritical to what he doesn’t like. This whole black lives matters isn’t that racist as it is saying only their lives matter, shouldn’t it be all lives matter? Had Kaepernick not stereotyped and just made it about true abuse of their authority and not a race thing, he would have had a lot more support. That along with another form of protest other then kneeling. He would have at least had my support.

      I’m a veteran myself and although he has his right to do that…so do people who disagree with him have the right to say things and protest their disagreements.

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